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Is it possible that adherants of the Church of Ireland would have been members of the United Irishmen. Is it plausible that a Church of Ireland cleric in Monaghan woud have Irish nationalist sentiments. How much disruption of normal life was there in Monaghan, particularly around Clones. 


Monday 1st March 2021, 05:56PM

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  • I can't speak specifically to the situation in Monaghan, but the United Irishmen were started originally by Protestants, particularly Presbyterians in the North who were tired of paying tithes to, and being dominated by, the established church (one of the reasons so many of them emigrated to America over the years).  Catholics joined in later, though, and definitely participated in the uprising.  The most famous leader of the United Irishmen was Wolfe Tone, who was a Protestant, and I think he belonged to the Church of Ireland (allthough I don't think it was officially called that until later on).  Wikipedia has a good article on the whole topic:



    Tuesday 2nd March 2021, 08:05PM
  • Further to Kevin's reply, the following journal article in the Clogher Record may assist in answering your questions.

    "Monaghan in the Age of Revolution"
    By: Brian MacDonald
    Clogher Record, Vol. 17, No. 3 (2002), pp. 751-780 (30 pages)
    Published By: Clogher Historical Society 


    Clogher Historical Society


    Also on JSTOR


    Maggie McKenna, Carrickmacross

    Maggie McKenna

    Tuesday 2nd March 2021, 11:48PM
  • Thank you Maggie for the link to  Brian MacDonald's article. It was quite helpful. 

    I have not quite figured out how to manage the website and to post  a message re County Cavan. There is some confusion as to the origin of brothers Oliver and Thomas Williamson. On the land petitions etc. in Upper Canada, 1822 for both brothers it is stated for Oliver "native of town of Clones" and Thomas "native of Killeevn Parish. However some family members, long diisesed said they came from Cavan and the family were distillers. I would appreciate knowing if you could find any Williamsons in Cavan who were distillers in the first two dacades of the 1800s. Thank you. Bruce 


    Saturday 13th March 2021, 07:12PM
  • Hello Bruce,

    Very pleased to read that you found the article helpful.  I have sent a request for a County Cavan volunteer to be alerted to your post, as they would be much more qualified than myself to assist you with that area.

    In the meantime you may like to take a look at the following:

    Pigot & Co's Provincial Directory of Ireland 1824:

    Registry of Freeholders in the County of Cavan:

    Should I find anything else of interest, I will post it here.  

    Maggie McKenna, Carrickmacross.

    Maggie McKenna

    Monday 15th March 2021, 06:28AM
  • This might be slightly off topic but thank you Maggie for posting the link to Pigot's directory (see above). I've extracted seven individuals surnamed CHAMBERS. these might provide clues to my missing kin from Clones, Fermanagh. Unfortunately, my known kin were in the 1820-1850 time frame.

    George J. Chambers


    Tuesday 16th March 2021, 12:52PM