St Mary's Glennan

Wednesday, 2 November, 2016
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The author of the 'statistical survey', 1833 says of it: "it is a very fine house built of freestone and limestone.  It is 110 ft long and 52 ft wide with high and narrow Gothic windows.  It is unfinished and will accommodate 2000 persons when completed.  It has cost 1000 pounds beside a good deal of labour given gratis by the parishioners.  There is a tradition in the parish that the roof timbers were ready for the slates when a high wind on June 5th 1835 did serious injury to the building.  The church as it stands at present is plain substantial, inexpensive, and easily kept in repair.  It has none of the laboured richness and elaborate ornament which are so often obtained at the expense of the chaste beauty and simple elegance. 

The date stone is inscribed: Erected by the Revd. Patrick Moynagh, P. P., Donagh AD 1837.