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Greetings from Australia

My great great grandfather, James Martin was born in 1799 and died in a mining accident in 1840, he lived in the parish of Killeevan.  He had several children and his youngest son, also James, was born in 1840.  James jnr along with some of his siblings migrated to Clunes, Victoria, Australia in 1861.  He married Margaret Jane Crozier ( also from Killeevan) and it is in Clunes that my grandmother Elizabeth Martin was born.  

My interest is in Killeevan where it seems a number of its residents migrated to Victoria, Australia around the 1950's to 1960's.  Both James senior and junior were Miners in Ireland. What sort of mining was near Killeevan? What led many to migrate to other countries at that time.  Could you give me some clues as to the background of Andrew Crozier 1812-1890 and James Martin 1799-1840 and their families as well as some background to the Killeevan area.

thank you

Bert Gibbs


Tuesday 30th March 2021, 12:15AM

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  • Hi Bert,


    Happy Easter from Carrickmacross, County Monaghan.  


    I have located the following information for you:-


    Source: RootsIreland: - a subscriptin website


    Andrew Crozier of Killeevan Parish married Jane Corbet or Currin Parish on 6 Nov 1832, Church of Ireland, Currin, Co. Monaghan.  Celebrant: Edward Collins.  Married in Church of Scotshouse. By licence. 

    Husband Age: full age.  Wife Age: not listed.


    Andrew and Jane had the following children that are recorded on that website, however there may well be others:


    Margaret Jane Crozier

    Date of Birth: 3 Jan 1836

    Address: Drumswords

    Parish/District: Currin, Co. Monaghan

    Denomination: Church of Ireland

    Father: Andrew Crozier

    Mother: Jane Crozier

    No. 22. Minister E. Collins.


    Elizabeth Crozier

    Date of Baptism: 7 Nov 1841

    Address: Drumswords, Killeevan Parish

    Parish/District: Newbliss, Co. Monaghan

    Father: Andrew Crozier

    Mother: Jane Crozier

    James Richards


    George Andrew Crozier

    Date of Birth: 19 Dec 1845

    Date of Baptism: 28 Dec 1845

    Address: Drumswords, Killeevan, 

    Parish/District: Newbliss, Co. Monaghan

    Father: Andrew Crozier

    Mother: Jane Crozier

    Occupation: Farmer

    William W. Deering


    Martha Crozier of Drumswords, Killeevan Parish married Robert McCrackin of Killyleg, Aghabog Parish on 19 Sep 1851, Parish of Currin.  Martha was the daughter of Andrew Crozier and Robert the son of David McCrackin.The witnesses were Thomas Crozier and James Corbett.  Rev. James Bones, Cootehill.


    Source: Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria:


    Margaret Jane Crosier married James Martin in Victoria in 1865, Reg. No. 101/1865.  Victorian marriage certificates list the names of both parents.  Bert, if you are trying to follow up on the Martin's, you will need to know who the mother of James Martin was.  Martin is a very common surname in this part of the world, without more information the words needle in a haystack come to mind.


    Margaret Jane Martin died in 1923, Ballarat, age 87, Reg. No. 13393/1923. Parents recorded as Andrew Crozier and "Eliza Frances".


    Source: Ballarat Cemetery:

    Margaret Jane Martin buried 29 Nov 1923 at the Ballarat Cemetery New, Methodist E, Section 3, Row 2, Grave 9.


    Tithe Applotment Books 1823 -1937, The National Library of Ireland:


    Crozier, Andw, Townland of Drumswords, Parish of Killeevan, Year 1825:

    Crozier, Andw, Townland of Drumswords, Parish of Killeevan, Year 1825:


    Griffiths Valuation:


    Drumswords Townland, Co. Monaghan:


    I have checked the Irish Newspaper Archive for Andrew Crozier, however he was not mentioned, there was also no mention of a mining accident in 1840.  Your post does not mention where the mining accident occurred!  


    As you live in Australia, I would suggest that you apply for a readers card with the National Library of Australia.


    This will give you free access to the Irish Newspaper Archive and JSTOR, where you will be able to read the following articles:


    The Parish of Killeevan

    by J. Gilsenan

    Clogher Record

    Vol. 4, No. 1/2 (1960/1961), pp. 16-28 (13 pages)

    Published By: Clogher Historical Society


    A Killeevan Family in Australia

    by P. B. Ó Mórdha

    Clogher Record

    Vol. 14, No. 2 (1992), pp. 134-135 (2 pages)

    Published By: Clogher Historical Society


    After the Famine: Emigration from Ireland, 1850-1913

    by Timothy J. Hatton and Jeffrey G. Williamson

    The Journal of Economic History

    Vol. 53, No. 3 (Sep., 1993), pp. 575-600 (26 pages)

    Published By: Cambridge University Press


    The short answer to your question "What led many to migrate to other countries at that time?" - Work, poverty, starvation, high rents, reuniting with other family members.  If I find anything else I will post it here.


    Maggie McKenna



    Maggie McKenna

    Sunday 4th April 2021, 09:05AM
  • Maggie McKenna

    Sunday 4th April 2021, 09:06AM

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  • Thank you for your detailed reply to my questions.  James Martin Snr (1799 - 1840) married Elizabeth Francey in 1827  It was he that supposidly died in a mining accident, the place of which I have no information.  Their children were George, William James, Jane, Richard and James jnr who is my great grandfather and he married Margaret Jane Crozier.  I wondered if the family of James Martin Snr who marred Elizabeth Francey were inhabitants of Killeevan.

    Regards and thanks


    Monday 5th April 2021, 02:25AM
  • Hi Bert,

    Could you tell me please if the Martin's were Church of Ireland and what is the source of your information for the marriage and childrens details.

    Maggie McKenna.




    Maggie McKenna

    Monday 5th April 2021, 06:25AM
  • Hi Maggie

    My sources came from a cousin in Australia who unfortunately I am not in contact with now.  The information I recieved from her 20 years ago had at the bottom of the pages "Produced by Legacy" that is all I know about the sources.   Unfortunately I am not familiar with the searching process.  Little was said about the parents James Martin and Elisabeth Francey but more about James Jnr who migrated to Australia abourt 1861 and was my great grandfather.  His daughter was Elizabeth Martin.   I am not aware of what church the Martins in Ireland came from but when some of the family settled in Australia I think they were Presbyterians.  As you say its like finding a needle in a haystack


    Monday 5th April 2021, 07:00AM
  • Hi Bert,

    Andrew George Crozier the son of Andrew Crozier and Jane Corbett married Eliza Jane Hall in Victoria in 1877, Reg. No. 3377/1877.

    Eliza Jane Crozier d. 1942, Shepparton, Reg. No. 28393/1942, parents recorded as John Hall and Mary Unknown.


    Eliza Jane Hall 

    Baptised: 18 Mar 1860 

    Address: Drumswords, Killeevan Parish

    Parish/District: Newbliss, Killeevan Parish, Co. Monaghan

    Father: John Hall

    Mother: Mary Anne Hall

    Occupation: Farmer

    Rev. Henry Burdett


    Eliza Jane Hall's parents were John Hall and Mary Corbett:


    John Hall and Mary Corbett married on 28 Feb 1854, Currin Church of Ireland, Co. Monaghan  

    John Hall - Address: Drumswords.  Son of David Hall, a Farmer

    Mary Corbett - Address: Drumreenagh.  Daughter of John Corbett

    Witnesses: John Scott and John Hall Senior

    Celebrant: Francis Hurst, Rector.  Married in Church of Scotshouse. By licence. Husband Age: full age, Wifes age: full age.

    Source: RootsIreland - a subscription website.


    Tithe Applotment Books 1823 - 1837, The National Library of Ireland:


    George Francey, Townland of Dunseark, Parish of Killeevan, Year 1825:

    Alexr. Francey, 

    James Francey, 

    Wllm. Francey,


    George Francey, Townland of Drumleny, Parish of Killeevan, Year 1825:


    Drumswords and Dunseark are adjoinging townlands.  Drumleny is about 15km north-east towards Monaghan.


    This is a bit of a long shot but it "maybe" a possibility for your James Martin.

    James Martin, Townland of Drumlina, Parish of Killeevan, Year 1825:


    Drumlina is about 4km east from Drumswords, going towards Newbliss.


    Maggie McKenna

    Maggie McKenna

    Monday 5th April 2021, 12:53PM
  • Yes Maggie I think you are onto something there.  I have found a statement in my archives that says Elizabeth Francey married James Martin Snr about 1829-30 possibly in the Parish of Drummartin, County Cavan.  Their son also James Martin was born, 11th of October, 1839 in Killeevan, Clones.  He married Margaret Jane Crozier 21st March1865 in Creswick Victoria, they became my great grandparents.  It would be interesting to know if James Martin Snr died in 1840 as that would confirm we have the right person.

    Bert Gibbs

    Monday 5th April 2021, 11:07PM
  • Hi Bert, 

    Many thanks for that information.  Drummartin is a townland in the Parish of Kildrumsherdan, Co. Cavan.

    I'd say that this may be James Martin Senior's son George.  

    Date of Marriage: 28 Nov 1855

    Parish / District: Killeevan, Co. Monaghan

    George Martin of Drummartin, Parish of Kildrumsherdan, Co. Cavan, full age, a Farmer, son of James Martin

    Eliza Lisgow nee Smiley of Rateerpark Killeevan, full age, daughter of Sam Smiley

    Witnesses: John O'Hara and William Smiley.

    Minister: Henry C. Irvine, by license.


    William Martin

    Date of Birth: 24 Jan 1857

    Date of Baptism: 24 Feb 1857

    Address: Drumartin Parish/District: Cootehill, Co. Cavan
    Denomination: Presbyterian

    Father: George Martin

    Mother: Eliza Smyllie


    I shall do some more checking in the next day or so.


    Maggie McKenna.

    Maggie McKenna

    Tuesday 6th April 2021, 01:02AM
  • Marriage Registration of George Martin and Eliza Smiley

    Source: Irish Genealogy

    Maggie McKenna

    Tuesday 6th April 2021, 06:38AM

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  • Hi Maggie

    I can concur that George Martin was a senior child of James Martin and am grateful for the details you have supplied.   William Martin could well be his son as George's brother was called William James.  Thank you for your persistance.


    Tuesday 6th April 2021, 01:31PM
  • Hi Bert,

    It appears that some of James Junior’s siblings also went out to Australia.

    William Martin d. 1869, Clunes, age 40
    Parents recorded as James Martin and Elizabeth Francey
    Reg. No. 802 / 1869
    b. Monaghan, Ireland
    William Martin m. Sarah Ann Caldwell
    1860, Glasgow, Scotland Ref: 644/4 139

    George Martin d. 1906, Mooroopna, age 76
    Parents recorded as James Martin and Eliza Francis
    Reg. No. 14268/1906

    Richard Martin d. 1905, Clunes, age 71
    Parents recorded as James Martin and Eliza Franey
    Reg. No. 12183/1905
    m. 1863, Victoria, Mary Ann Crosier - daughter of Andrew Crosier.
    Ref. No. 776/1863

    James Martin is recorded on Griffith’s Valuation Year 1857

    Drummartin, Co. Cavan:

    Civil registration of all births, Catholic marriages, and all deaths began on January 1, 1864, in Ireland. Registration of non-Catholic marriages began on April 1, 1845. Registration of all marriages began in 1864.

    Records available on RootsIreland – a subscription website
    County Monaghan Genealogical Sources Available Online:
    Genealogical Sources Available for Co. Cavan Online:

    I have checked on RootsIreland for a marriage for James and Eliza around 1827 for all of Ireland and there is no record of their marriage on that site, or the baptism of their children, or James Martin’s death around 1840. Bert, if at all possible, it may be your least expensive option to renew acquaintances with your cousin of over 20 years ago, to find out more about the mining accident, and details of where he/she got their information from. Its more than possible that James may have gone to England or Scotland to work in the mines there.

    It may also be worth contacting the RCB to follow up on their records.
    Representative Church Body (RCB) Library
    Church of Ireland Archives:

    Church of Ireland Parish Registers:

    Robert Lithco
    Date of Birth: 22 Jul 1854
    Date of Baptism: 4 Oct 1854
    Address: Drumartin
    Parish/District: Cootehill Second, Co. Cavan
    Denomination: Presbyterian
    Father: William Lithco
    Mother: Elizabeth Smylie

    See attachment for William and Elizabeth’s marriage. Elizabeth remarried George Martin.

    If I think of anything else, I will post it here.

    Maggie McKenna.

    Maggie McKenna

    Thursday 8th April 2021, 11:17AM

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