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John Galvin was born to Patrick Galvin & Bridget Loughnan, in Clanmacnois on 05 Dec 1841

John Galvin married Honor (Anne) Murphy at Clonmacnois 03 Feb 1868

John is my great-great grandfather. 

They had four sons, Patrick, Thomas, John & James. 

Three immigrated to the States, ending up n Connecticut & NY. Patrick, Thomas & John. 

According to Patrick's Obiturary from Waterbury, CT ~1935, James stayed at home, in Ireland. (He may have moved to Moate, Westmeath later in life).

Patrick is my great grandfather. 

Patrick Galvin married in Waterbury, Ct 21 Aug 1901 to a very local girl, Kate McEvoy (from Laurencetown / Clonfert/ Galway).  ** i have a public ancestry tree**. the lived in Waterbury, had 8 kids. he worked in the Mills as a Blacksmith. 


i'm hoping to find a Patrick Galvin (likely born between 1790 - 1815) or Bridget Laughnan (likely born 1795-1820).. this is the last known fact i'm standing on from John's birth record 05 Dec 1841. 

I did find gravestone inscription records for a Mall Galvin b 1770 d 10 Nov 1811, but not sure yet how he fits in... if you have any information on his life or relations. 

last one...
i am still trying to figure out about the relation to my "Uncle Tommy" Galvin. i have realized that he is actually likely a distant cousin. he immigrated 30 years after most of my line, in the 1929 but is a cousin somewhere. i didn't start diving into the family history until i was older. but his daughter is actually the one that shed light on the town "Shannonbridge" and that we have people buried at Clonmacnois. i've been researching ever since. 

"Uncle Tommy" married in the states in 1937, but it was another local girl from home, Mary (nee Fallon) Galvin. my cousin tells me she is still in touch with the Fallon's near Shannonbridge and they may own/ owned a Pub or Restaurant much more recently. 

I know the native Irish hate it, but I am still numerically entranced, my brother did his dna... even though we are third generation Irish Americans, were are still testing in at 94% Irish dna. Irish immigrants to the northeast, especially the more strained, created a strong insular community :)

I will be coming for a visit. lt's at least a year off though. :)

Shannon (nee Galvin) Nicholson

Shannon (nee Galvin) Nicholson

Thursday 18th Jan 2024, 08:01AM

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  • Shannon:

    You did not provide an approximate year of birth for "Uncle Tommy" but here is a Shannonbridge 1911 census record which has a 21 year old Thomas Galvin.

    Did James Galvin marry? Moate is in the Athlone registration district. See the fourth record at the link for a married James Galvin who died in 1942 near Moate.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 19th Jan 2024, 02:07PM
  • Hi Roger!!

    Thank you so much for your effort!!

    in fact, just after i posted i dove down the US side of that Tom Galvin and while he ended up in my hometown, Waterbury, CT.. he was not in fact my "Uncle Tommy"... i know because i finally found his Mary's maiden name on an immigration document - that was Mary McQuinn.. i have made the corrections on my ancestry tree :) 


    i have since found my true Aunt Mary (nee Fallon) Galvin arrival record with her sister, while she was still a Fallon... she didn't arrive until 1950... through New York


    I would be eager to find/trace his siblings likely born between 1910-1935 if possible i am not sure of his parents name... the only knowledge i have is from his obit. his daughter says over the years, they have been in touch with their Fallon cousins locally, but not doesn't remember being in touch with the Galvins. 


    just worth noting after i saw uncle Tommy sibling names... 

    the Thomas, John, James & Patrick is the solid naming pattern in my line for sure..This was the siblings of my grandfather, his children...his kids had smaller families and less sons, but each kept their sons after themselves, but not all the names. this is present within too many... without even fully knowing i was supposed to... i named my sons .. Patrick Thomas, Joseph William (my maternal grandfather) and Peyton Seamus. (I re-Gaelicized James on purpose - but i only knew it as my father's middle name at the time, Thomas James - didn't know how far this went AT ALLLLL). Ha, my brother is Sean Patrick. (we were always told growing up that Sean was John in Gaelic, and Seamus was James.) 

    i really have just dove into my ancestry and the contemporary and complex history of the land and people in the past 9 months or so... i'm honestly saddened by how much we never learned. We knew the Famine was hard, and the was a struggle for independence, but I truly had no idea about much of life on that side, even after 1922, the ultra-Catholicism.  I was in Derry when I was 17, there was a bombing day and our bus tour had to head back to the south quickly... but I had just got my first tattoo and was completely oblivious to the traumas. I remember seeing a cannon in brick laid square kinda area of Derry while me and my brother we running to catch our bus. Honestly though, I was so blissfully ignorant at the time. that was 2001, after the peace agreement, so much context that I know now, that I did not know then. We were just on a sight-seeing tour - my parents have no contact with any relatives. i do have a google map started with all my ancestral places for when i do come next :) 

    I'm just gushing now... i'll stop :) thank you so. ooooo. much for indulging me. 

    Shannon (nee Galvin) Nicholson



    Shannon (nee Galvin) Nicholson

    Friday 19th Jan 2024, 10:57PM
  • Shannon:

    See the 2nd record at this link   for the civil birth record for Thomas Galvin. His parents were James Galvin and Margaret Craughwell. He was not born in the town of Shannonbridge but rather in Cloniffeen townland which is southwest of the town

    The Irish Genealogy site only has civil birth records thru 1922. I did find one birth record for an older brother John on July 29 1918, See third record at this link  There were other older siblings Bridget 1912 John 1913 Kate 1915 James 1916

    Parents were married in 1911

    1911 census records for Galvins

    Facebook page for Fallon's Bar in Shannonbridge. You could send a message.

    Have you tested your DNA?




    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 20th Jan 2024, 07:41PM
  • So, i feel pretty silly, but i literally just realized that cousin/ uncle Tommy is my missing James Galvin son... James was the only sibling of my great grandfather that stayed in Ireland. i guess because no one knew the connection that i expected it to be complicated. 

    this helped me close that loop for sure!

    i was able to find all the 6 birth certs you mentioned. i wonder if one of the 2 Johns (1913 & 1918) went by Patrick, or he was just born after 1922, like you suggested. 

    i even found a death cert for a 8 year old Bridget (b 1912) 

    i was also able to find the Craughwell's in shannon bridge in 1911, followed them back to Galway and found Margaret's 7 siblings in Monaveen/ Killaan Kilconnel/ Aughrim Co Galway...

    Thank you so much!

    Shannon (nee Galvin) Nicholson

    Monday 22nd Jan 2024, 09:15AM

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