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Five generations of my ancestors, mostly named Henry Fry, lived in Frybrook House. However, my g-g-grandfather is also listed in newspaper articles as living in "Fairy Hill near Boyle." It could be a house or a townland. In any event, I can't find it on maps. Does anyone know where it might be?

This Henry Fry (1820-1884) also appears to have lived in Beech Abbey, a house  20 km southwest of Carrick-on-Shannon. According to family history, he lost his house in a card game and moved to Canada. 

BTW, my great-grandmother, Julia Fry (1843-1915), married a Catholic, Edward McDonagh (1837-1915). Henry Fry disowned her and apparently erased her record. 



Tuesday 2nd May 2017, 07:03PM

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  • Wes:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    I will alert our parish laision in Boyle about your message.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 3rd May 2017, 10:38PM
  • Wes, a chara,

    Welcome to the IrelandXO Boyle Community!

    Please check out the latest posting on Frybrook house for more details on your "Henry Fry".

    Fairyhill in the townland of Knockashee, Boyle. (Knock-na-Shee is an Anglicized spelling of the Gaelic "Cnoc na Sí" lit. Hill of the Fairies).

    "Fairy-hill" in the late 18th-century was a new residence and brewery owned by John Fry Esq. (1743-1796) whose executor was his younger brother Henry Fry Jr. (1757-1847) of Frybrook m. 1784 Elizabeth Baker. The house and brewery were advertised to let that year. 

    TO be LET, from the first November next, for such terms may be agreed upon, the Dwelling-house, Offices and Brewery of FAIRY-HILL, near Boyle, lately occupied by John Fry, Esq. with about 40 acres of choice Ground, and an excellent Kitchen-garden well planted with wall fruit-trees, enclosed with an eight feet wall coped and dashed.—Also a good Malt-house in the town of Boyle to be let. 

    To be SOLD by public cant, the household furniture of the said John Fry, Esq. deceased, the first of November next, when the tenant will be declared. Every utensil appertaining to the brewery to be given -at valuation.—The house, offices and brewery are new and in thorough repair. Proposals to be received by Henry Fry, Esq. Fry-brook, Boyle, Mrs Fry, Fairy-hill. N. B. No preference to be given to any but the highest and best bidder. Fairy-hill, Sept. 17, 1796. [Dublin Evening Post - 8 November 1796 ].

    It stands to reason that if Frybrook was operating a corn mill, that malting and brewing would be a family activity as well.

    In 1829, there were two Henry Fry Esqs. in Boyle. Henry Fry Jr. (1757-1847) of Frybrook and a younger Henry Fry Esq. of Fairyhill who registered a freehold of £20 with lands here in 1829 and married Abigail Knott in 1830. Frybrook Henry's eldest son Henry Fry III (1785-1854) m. Elizabeth Roe.  So ... Fairyhill Henry has to be a nephew of Frybrook Henry... the son of John Fry (d1796). See also 1833 Tithe Record that Records "Knockashee & Abbeyview" in the name of the Reps. of John Fry Esq. (deceased). Abbeyview House was the residence of Morgan Crofton at that time. It looks like the "Old Brewery" marked on the first OS map of 1837 would have been the 18th-century Fairy-hill (as it matches the description about planted trees and kitchen-garden).


    Henry Fry Jr. Esq. of Frybrooke and Henry Fry Esq. of Fairyhill (Knockashee) were founding members of the Agricultural and Commercial Bank in Boyle in 1835.  

    This Henry of Fairyhill m. 1830 Miss Abigail Knott of Abbeyville(sic) Co Sligo (d.1855 "Alicia" paper typos abounded!) They had 6 daughters (to include Mathilda Fry born 1832) before finally announcing a "son and heir"...  John Fry born July 19th 1840. The birth announcement states that the child was born "at her seat, Fairy-hill, Boyle, the Lady of H. Fry Esq...". Your Julia Fry followed in 1842. 

    The baptismal record for your great-grandmother, Julia Fry (1842-1915) is 24-Oct-1842 at Boyle Church of Ireland. Parents Henry & Abigail Fry of "Farry Hill".

    [Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette - Saturday 01 August 1840 ]DIED  At Weedon, Capt. Fry [Rifle Brigade] brother of Henry Fry Esq. of Fairy-hill, near this town. He was a Peninsular and Waterloo Veteran and was severely wounded at St. Sebastian.  




    In 1840, Henry Fry's  House offices and Yard at Fairy hill, Knockashee were valued at 6 pounds and 8 pounds (to include lease with land). Following Mrs Fry's death in 1855 (which does not say "relict" so Henry was still alive at this point) the news relating to Fry of Fairyhill grinds to a halt.  It looks like 1855 could be the point at which he moved on however, Beech Abbey in the mid-1850s was occupied by William Acheson. 

    • Can you tell me more about your source of dates for Henry Fry (1820-1884) and references to Beech Abbey?​

    In 1857, at the time of Griffith's Valuation, the Old Brewery appears at [GV#4a] as a house and land occupied by John Hamilton.  There is no mention of a brewery on this site.

    By the time of the 25" maps 1888-1901, no buildings at all remained. Only farmland. 

    One small trace of Fairyhill you can still find today is the small footbridge across the Easky River and perhaps some of the trees planted by John Fry Esq. (just opp. the Boyle Celtic Soccer Club).

    Sorry I didn't have better news for you on Fairy-hill. 

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Monday 1st October 2018, 04:54AM
  • Dia Duit Rua,

    Thanks for the very, very helpful response. Among other things you identified Julia Fry's mother -- completely new to us. And you gave me more information of Fairy-hill than I ever could have imagined. 

    Where did I get the Beech Abbey connection? It came from one source, an oral history my sister Lianne took from my mother:

    Liane’s Interview with Mom

    About 1994

    Mother, Mary Abigail McDonagh, Carrick-on-Shannon, County Roscommon, Ireland. 

    Daughter of Julia Frye [sic] (daughter of Lieutenant Colonel Frye of Beech Abbey Carrick-on-Shannon, First cousin of Sir John French and Lord Kitchener.

    Harry McDonagh, famous violinist, one of Ireland’s oldest families.

    Father of Patrick McDonagh, famous violinist who played on CBC, London, whose daughter Sheila McDonagh well-known violinist. Patrick had the sole right to Irish Folk Lore music.

    Obituary for Julia McDonagh in family Bible [We have the clipping]

    Father Percy Bidwell descendant of William Bidwell, early settler in Canada, descendant fought in battle [sic] of 1812 and were granted land in Brighton & Colboune.

    Brighton House now historic house in Brighton, Ontario.

    Some of the text is clearly wrong -- Three of Julia's children, Patrick, Kathleen and Harry (Henry Fry), were professional violinists, e.g. for the Edmonton (Alberta) Symphony, but come on, nobody had sole rights to Irish Folk Lore music. That said, she had to get the name Beech Abbey from somewhere. Also,it is a short horse ride from Dacklin where Julia and her husband Edward McDonagh lived. This is soft data, but it is logical.

    As for Henry Fry (1820-1874), there are some inconsistencies but I put it on Ancestry anyway:

    If the marriage date, 1830, is right, then the birth date, 1820, is clearly wrong. However, he was at Boyle School in 1828 and at Trinity in 1836. has him down as 1820. Am I mixing up two or more of the Henry Fry's? (If it's my error, I have accidently spawned one of the typical Ancestry errors and it got a life of its own.)

    Henry Fry (1785-1851) is interesting (if I got it right). He emmigrated to Canada and settled in Richmond Hill, Ontario, about 30 minutes from where my sisters lives today. There are four streets in the Toronto area named Frybrook, one is on Henry Fry's (1785-1851) land in Richmond Hill, another in central Toronto beside a very posh school,  and two Frybrook Courts, one in Missisagua and one in Whitby. I haven't been able to find the connections for the last three. 

    Arthur Ormsby Fry (1831-1924), son of Arthur Irwin Fry is also fun. He moved to Seguin, Ontario, which at the time was rough forest. He set up a hotel or something and named two lakes, Upper and Lower Fry Lake. 

    There is an inconsistency on Julia's obit. She is named as the grand-daughter of Major Olive Fry, which makes no sense; his son Henry Phibbs Fry was in Australia when Julia was born.

    February 1915, Leitrim Observer


    It is with profound … this week the death of the above respected resident of Dacklin which melancholy event took place at her residence, at the ripe old age of 72 after an illness born with Christian fortitude and resignation. The deceased lady belonged to one of the best known families in Roscommon County, being the last surviving daughter of the late Henry Fry, Fairyhill, Boyle, and granddaughter of Major Oliver Frybrook, Boyle. During her long residence in Dacklin she earned the esteem and affection of all, owing to her many excellent qualities of head and heart, and wholehearted sympathy goes out to the family in their great bereavement. The deceased had been in failing health for some time, and despite the best medical skill coupled with the devoted nursing of her family she passed peacefully to her reward, her end being as peaceful as her edifying life. The funeral in Kilhumod Cemetery on the 16thinst., was of immense proportions, one of the largest seen in the district for years, and an index if it were necessary of the esteem in which the family was held. To her bereaved husband, Mr. Edward McDonagh and family we tender our sympathy in the their dark hour of sorrow. 

    May she rest in peace.

                The chief mourners were Mr. Edward McDonagh (husband), Mrs. C. Y. Gregory, Dublin (daughter), Mr. Patrick McDonagh (son).

                Rev. Fr. Feely, CC, officiated at the graveside.





    Thursday 4th October 2018, 07:23PM
  • Wes, a chara,

    Glad I could clear that up for you!

    Lieu. Col. Henry Fry (1820-74) would have graduated from Boyle school (principal O'Rourke) age 14. He could have been at Trinity college age 16. 

    I can't see any obvious evidence that Henry Fry was ever "of Beech Abbey". However, Edward McDonagh & Julia Fry did reside there for a spell in the 1880s.

    Mary Abigail McDonagh was born 13-May-1885 at Beech Abbey (Parish/District: AUGHRIM) to Edward McDonagh & Julia Fry. Godparents Henry McDonagh &  Mary Kearns.  (Abigail ... named for her maternal grandmother!)

    From 1854 to 1878 at least, Beech Abbey & Demesne, in the townland of Kilcanoran, was the residence of the Acheson family. James & Martha Acheson of beech Abbey baptise son William there in 1878. See my IrelandXO buildings post for a full history of Beech Abbey CARRICK-ON-SHANNON

    Henry Fry (1790-1874),farmer, died at Knockananima Carrick-on-Shannon (Church of Ireland) ... most probably on the squire's property here which was held by Henry Peyton in 1857 and subsequently taken over by Thomas Lowe (by Census 1901). My parallel post for Soulmount House at Knocananima will give you lots of source links for that townland. It is very near Dacklin.

    In 1868, Henry Peyton Esq. of Knockananima (formerly of Springfield in 1829 along with Wynne Peyton) and Miss Mary Fry of Knockananima both licence a dog for £1. [Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette - 23 May 1868 , p4]. In 1870, Miss Anne Fry of Knockananima registers a dog licence here.​

    Beech Abbey was an old property that had fallen into ruin by the 1890s. So, it would have been cheap and more affordable by then. 

    [Keep an eye on the Navarino house Fry cousins nearby as well]. 


    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Tuesday 9th October 2018, 03:24AM
  • Hmmm...  so there were at least two Captain Fry's kicking about circa 1840...  

    Captain OLIVER FRY, Royal Artillery aka Major Oliver Fry (see IrelandXO Ancestor Chronicles for Boyle) who was the father of the Rev. Henry Phibbs Fry (1807-1874) who went to Australia. (Disproving Julia McDonough's obit... check out "The Annals of the late Major Oliver Fry, R.A. .... with some notes as to his descendants" as compiled by his grandson William Harloe Phibbs Fry.).


    Captain John Fry of the Rifle Brigade (born 1793 to John & Sarah Fry, Boyle,  first commissioned in 1809 age 16, was a Captain by 1838) who died at Weedon in 1840 (and would have been Julia's uncle, not grandfather).

    [Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette - Saturday 01 August 1840 ]DIED  At Weedon, Capt. Fry [Rifle Brigade] brother of Henry Fry Esq. of Fairy-hill, near this town. He was a Peninsular and Waterloo Veteran and was severely wounded at St. Sebastian.  

    In fact, most of the young Frys of Frybrook would have enlisted at some point (until they inherited ... e.g. Henry III below) so I suspect Julia's grandfather ... John Fry Esq. (d. 1796) had a military history as well. (He died young ... possibly having something to do with the disturbances at Boyle in those years. Major Oliver Fry's Annals may enlighten you more on those accounts.)




    1. Henry Fry (1701-1786) the first of FRYBROOK (orig. Edenderry) married Mary Fuller c.1742 (who bore one son:  > John Fry Esq. (d. 1796) of the brewery at Fairyhill).  Henry I then married Catherine  Mills 23 Dec 1752; Will dated 24 April 1786; who bore:
    2. + Henry Fry (1757 - 1847) the second aka Henry Fry Jr. of FRYBROOK  married Elizabeth Baker 24 Sep 1784 (who bore: Oliver Mills Fry at Boyle b. 1795).                                                                                                                                                                                           + Major Oliver Fry (youngest son of Henry Fry 1st & Catherine Mills) married Mary Phibbs of Bloomfield Sligo on 18 Sep 1806. Their son, Rev. Henry Phibbs Fry (1807-1874) was baptised by Oliver & Mary Fry of Springfield in the Parish of Drumcliffe, Sligo. "Oliver Fry of Sligo" appears on record in 1820 as a creditor of Harloe Phibbs. Ref. "The annals of the late Major Oliver Fry, R.A. .... with some notes as to his descendants" as compiled by his grandson William Harloe Phibbs Fry.
    3. Henry Fry Esq (1785-1854) the third of FRYBROOK married Elizabeth Roe of Fertagh Co Kilkenny 12 Feb 1819; SOLDIER IN THE 64TH REGIMENT in 1840; "the owner of Frybrook" in 1852 to which the above list of deeds was attached in a court case petitioned by his aunt Catherine (Fry) Irwin.
    4. Robert Roe Fry Esq. (1822-1902) who married his first cousin Sara Fry of Navarino House
    5. John Robert Fry (1869-1933) who married Mabel White (d.1904)
    6. Robert Henry Roe Fry (1904-1973) also a banker.


    Also Henry Fry b. 1797 son of Edward & Catherine Fry, BOYLE



    1. John Fry Esq. (d. Sep 1796) of the brewery at Fairyhill (son of Henry Fry the first of FRYBROOK & Mary Fuller) buried Boyle C of I. 
    2. Henry Fry Esq. of Fairyhill m. 1830 Abigail Knott of Atteville/Abbeville Co. Sligo (Abigail "Alicia" d.1855).                                                                         Captain John Fry of the Rifle Brigade (c.1790-1840)                                                                              
    3.  John Fry (bap. 25-Jul-1840); brother of 6 sisters to incl. Mathilda Fry (bap. 20-Mar-1832), Hannah Elizabeth (bap. 5-Jul-1832) aka Honor Fry, Julia Fry (1842-1915).



    ~ What evidence of Fairyhill being your Julia Fry's family point of origin do you have? ~

    (Besides my finding: Julia Fry bap. 24-Oct-1842 at Boyle Church of Ireland. Parents Henry & Abigail Fry of "Farry Hill").

    The burning question is ... whether Henry Fry of Fairy Hill m. Abigail Knott in 1830 can be the Henry Fry (1790-1874) who died at Knockananima Carrick-on-Shannon


    In any case, please do join the Parish of Killummod where you can create ancestors' chronicles for Julia Fry (1843-1915) and Edward McDonagh (1837-1915) and attach them to Dacklin (Building Chronicle) and  to Beech Abbey (Building Chronicle) in the civil parish of Aughrim (Roscommon) which you might also like to join. 

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Tuesday 9th October 2018, 05:40AM
  • Hi Rua

    What evidence do I have that the Fry's were in Fairy Hill: 

    I'll get back to you with more sources, but for the moment, here is a facinating glimpse. Elizabeth Fry (1828-1911), daughter of Henry Fry (1785-1854) wrote about 100 poems in 1850-54 and they were saved by one of Julia Fry's daughters (suggesting a very close relationship). Here is one on Fairy Hill, and another that mentions her sister (?) Matilda. 

    Fairy Hill

    Full oft in my fancy I visit thy shades,

    And wander enraptured among thy lov’d glades!

    In thee the brightest days of my childhood were passed;

    Rememberances treasured around thee are cast;

    Years, years may roll on, still thy mem’ry shall last.


    How dear to my heart is the sound of thy name.

    In joy and in sorrow, tis ever the same!

    Like the last note of musi it sinks in my breast,

    Like the names of the lov’d who have gone to their rest!


     Elizabeth Fry, 1852


    Last night I dreamed that a garden we had

    Of fruit trees, and roses so bright and so red

    But when I awoke, I was sad for to find

    That our fruitful garden must soon be a wild.


    We oft played in that garden; and Tilley and I

    Would oft in the shade of an apple tree lie,

    And sometimes we’d talk, and each say a poem,

    And then we’d get up, and among the trees roam.


    And oft we would wander a long summer’s day,

    To gather wild roses, and buttercups gay;

    And when we’d return, we’d be proud as a queen,

    And the others would watch us with evident spleen.


    And well I remember on “St Patrick’s day”

    We’d be up in the morning, at peep O’day;

    And long we would wander, and wide we would roam.

    And cold be’d return with our prize to our home.

    Elizabeth Fry, Jan 10th1852.

    There is also a very charming poem, an acrostic, where she announces that she is in love with Robert Fenn Carter, her future husband. 

    If you have any corrections to the genealogy, pls don't hesitate.

    Thanks again.




    Saturday 13th October 2018, 12:40AM
  • Hello Rua,

    ~ What evidence of Fairyhill being your Julia Fry's family point of origin do you have? ~

    Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette, 24 Oct 1829, Treaty with England, "Henry Fry, Fairy Hill."

    Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette (I think), 1858, deaths, "Alicia, wife of Henry Fry, Esq., Fairy-hill, near Boyle"

    Athlone Sentinel, 7 Aug 1840, "The late Captain Fry, of the Rifle Brigade, whose death we lately announced, was brother of Henry Fry, Esq. of Fairy-Hill, county Roscommon"

    Dublin Evening Mail, 12 Oct 1838, "At Fairyhill, county Roscommon, the lady of Henry Fry, Esq. of her sixth daughter."

    Dublin Weekly Herald, 8 Aug 1840, "July 19, at Fairy Hill, Boyle, the lady of Henry Fry, Esq., of a son and heir."

    Okay?   Wes



    Saturday 13th October 2018, 09:20PM
  • Hi Wes

    Goodness... what delightful poetry about Fairy-Hill! It really adds such a touching angle to the story, doesn't it?

    Now I can fully comprehend your motivation to find this place (and Elizabeth's lament that these beautiful gardens were grown wild by 1852).

    Ok... so Matilda Fry aka Tilly in the poem (baptised 20-Mar-1832) was the daughter of Henry Fry Esq & Abigail Knott of Fairy-hill, Boyle (i.e. a sister of Julia Fry McDonagh's).

    Henry Fry Esq. of Fairy-hill (1790-1874) married Abigail Knott (1809-1855) in 1830 and had at least 8 children. Boyle Church of Ireland has only 4 baptisms on record (bold type) however, the remainder turn up in its burial records (italics):

    Matilda Fry  bap. 20-Mar-1832 died at Knockvicar, age 28 bur. 22-May-1858 BOYLE 

    Hannah Elizabeth  aka Honor Fry (bap. 5-Jul-1832) 

    Jane Fry bap. 20-Mar-1832 died at Knockvicar, age 28 bur. 22-May-1858 BOYLE 

    Elizabeth Fry (1837-1855) died at "Androsna" age 18, bur. 26-Aug-1855 BOYLE

    Miss Mary Fry of Knockananima registers a dog licence in 1868 and later marries in 1868

    Anne Fry of Knockananima, dau. of Henry Fry Gent. married William Tilson RICon 3 July 1876.

    7. John Fry 25-Jul-1840  (newspaper announced he was the first son, joining 6 sisters) died at Knockvicar bur. 04-Sep-1865 BOYLE

    8. Julia Fry 24-Oct-1842 (1843-1915) married Edward McDonagh (1837-1915) interred at Old Killummod Cemetery.

    In 1855 "Alicia" Fry aka Abigail (Knott) Fry died age 46. Her address at the time of burial was "Androsna" which must be Andresna, Kilmactranny, Co. Sligo. She was buried at Boyle.  She was followed in death, 5 months later, by her daughter Elizabeth Fry, who died at Androsna age 18. 

    This places your ancestors, north of Boyle, on the shores of Lough Arrow (Co. Sligo) in 1855. The poetry suggests they had departed by 1852 as the gardens were already growing wild.

    In 1857, Andresna had 3 houses... Castlefield House (owned by Meredith Thompson Sr. of Knockadoo House) and two others owned by Meredith Thompson Jr. who sub-let a gentleman's farmhouse to William Thompson, and a herd's house to George Gardiner). It would appear that, at that time, the actual occupants of Castlefield House were Henry Fry Esq. and family, as Meredith Sr. was residing at Knockadoo rather than Castlefield.  

    By 1856, your ancestors were north-west of Boyle, residing at "Knockvicar" (up to 1865) which is the village closest to the townland of Errironagh (near Rockingham). It looks like the Henry Fry recorded at GV2ab Errironagh in 1857 was formerly of Fairy-hill. There was no Fry on record here at Errona in 1834.  

    In 1857, Knockvicar townland has no Fry occupants on record, however at Errironagh, Knockvicar, Cor. Roscommon we can find Henry Fry Esq. (The 1901 Errironagh Census shows no Fry has remained here, as they had moved to Knockananima). 

    In June 1856, Jane Fry died at Knockvicar, age 19.  In May 1858, Matilda Fry died at Knockvicar, age 28. In September 1865, John Fry (1840-1865) died at Knockvicar age 25. 

    The Henry Fry Esq (1790-1874) Farmer, who died a widower, age 84, on 16-02-1874 was also buried at Boyle Church of Ireland. The Valuation Office Cancellation Books will give you a clear picture of when he moved from Errironagh to Knockananima. It looks like this man was your Julia's father.  

    That he was born in 1790, makes it entirely plausible that he was the son of John Fry Esq. (d. Sep 1796) of the brewery at Fairyhill (son of Henry Fry the first of FRYBROOK & Mary Fuller) buried Boyle C of I. And that he could have married in 1830, age 40.

    I believe it was Julia Frye McDonagh who was "of Beech Abbey CARRICK-ON-SHANNON" rather than her father. 

    Mystery solved I think!


    Back to the author of the Fairyhill poetry... (who was age 18 when she penned these beautiful laments to Tilly, age 10).

    Elizabeth Margaret Fry  (baptised 19-Jan-1826 in Boyle Church of Ireland) was the daughter of a Henry Fry Esq (no mother's name recorded).  

    30-Jun-1856  "Elizabeth M. Fry of Frybrook" dau. of Henry Fry, married Robert F. Carter of  110 Upper Brook St, ST SAVIOURS PARISH, Manchester, England at  Boyle Church of Ireland



    ON AN ASIDE... (to avoid confusion, as there were many Elizabeth Fry's)

    Elizabeth Irwin Fry  (baptised 27-Jun-1823 at BOYLE C of I ) was the daughter of a John & Mary Fry of Acre Lodge, Ballinameen aka John D. Fry, Esq. (1794-1832) and Anna Maria Roe (1801-1883). By 1829, these Frys, along with father-in-law Major Roe, had moved to a new house at Navarino Lodge, CroghanJohn Fry Esq. of Navarino (who died of Cholera in 1832) was the son of Henry Fry Jr. (1757-1847) & Elizabeth Baker of Frybrook.

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Monday 15th October 2018, 08:32AM
  • Dia duit, Rua

    Here is the acrostic by where she announces that she is in love. As reminder, in acrostics the first letter of each line produces a phrase. This is the first time I've seen one of these things where they actually made sense and had a purpose. Our Elizabeth was a clever young woman.

    Acrosticks (sic)

    Raving after every fair 

    Of beauty, wit or talents rare;

    Gallant, and gifted, humorous gay,

    Each bosom must confess its sway;

    Rather so himself would say.

    Curious reader, you may guess

    At the hero of my verse;

    But no more; t’were in vain

    To ask me for his other name.


    Like a new born babe thou art,

    Innocent and pure of heart,

    Zealous in thy friend’s defence

    Zealous in thy innocence;

    If I cease to love thee ever

    Even life from me shall sever.

    Filled is my heart with thoughts of thee,

    Right well thy pains are felt by me.

    Years may roll on; forgotten ne'er thou’lt be


    Brighter, gayer towns than thou,

    O’ scene of childhood’s joy and pain

    Youth’s haunt, youth’s nurse, to memory now 

    Less lovely seem; though cold. disdain

    Express by smiles his scorn, so wilt thou e’er remain

    C 1852

    If you would like the other poems, give me an email address and I will send them to you via We Transfer - the files are quite large. Most of the poems are charming but typical of a romatic 16-yr-old. Others carry substantial meaning, e.g. emmigration, deaths, hunger, etc.  



    Tuesday 16th October 2018, 07:27PM
  • Sounds fascinating!​

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Thursday 18th October 2018, 04:59AM

    HI Rua. Now that I know that Frys lived at Knockvicar, Lough Arrow, the following poem makes sense.  I'll send you the rest in the next couple of days, via We Transfer.  Wes

    Lake Arrow

    Life’s various scenes thou dost well portray;

    A clear calm sheet, then a wallow of spray;

    Keen blasts in a moment may ruffle thy breast,

    Even when thou art calmest, and seemest at rest!


    Oh! Such is our life! When we peacefully sleep

    Regardless of sorrow that hover around,

    Remembrances come, like fierce winds o’er the deep,

    Or Autumn’s rude blasts that the withered leaves sweep

    With fiery relentless along the bleak ground

    E. Fry, 1852


    Friday 19th October 2018, 01:23AM

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  • Aha ... the plot thickens!

    There is an interesting story in there don't you think? It is no wonder the family held on to these poems ... they held a lot more meaning than would first appear. Elizabeth's strong feelings certainly left lots of clues.  

    Have you any other place-names mentioned in her poetry?


    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Wednesday 24th October 2018, 01:14AM