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I copied the list of marriages prior to 1851 from the Ballykilkline web-site.
The names that most interest me are as follows:

James McDonnell married Bridget Gromley before 1811

Thomas McDonnell married Ann Derwin/Dervin in 1936 (my proven Ancestors)

Helen McDonnell married Patrick McDonnell before 1845

Is there any way to prove if these McDonnells are related to each other and what happened to them.

I know that Thomas and Ann both settled in Edinburgh, Scotland and named their children Bridget Mary, Thomas, Helen and John.

Based on Thomas’s 1855 Birth extract in Edinburgh, they had six girls and three boys deceased, before they arrived in Scotland.

Son Thomas and his wife Sarah McAwainey named their children Bridget Mary, John and James.

Thomas’s  son John and his wife Catherine Malone named their children Sarah, John, Catherine, Mary, Anne Dervine, James, Thomas and Hugh.

Could this be a Paternal and Maternal naming pattern.

Any help that I can get, would be greatly appreciated.


Tuesday 16th Aug 2022, 09:59AM

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  • Do you mean 1836 for the marriage record for Thomas McDonnell & Anne Derwin? I only see record for one Thomas at that time in the townland of Carrigeen which is *adjacent to Ballykilcline (and also Kilgarve and Lavagh). 


    Here are the 19th-century McDonnell family clusters by townland in the parish of Kilglass:


    Legan (Lagan): John McDonnell, Pat McDonnell

    Carrigeen (Carrigans): James McDonnellThomas McDonnell*

    Lecarrow: James McDonnell, Michael McDonnell, McDonnell



    Ballymoylin James McDonnell

    Corgowan  John McDonnell & Brigid Flanagan (children: Michael McDonnell 1834-1899)

    Drumman Beg  Daniel McDonnell (1804-1876),  Henry McDonell 1802-1892 & Elenora Grehan/Lenahan

    Lavagh* John McDonnell (1807-1877) & Mary Scott farmer, son Patt, Thomas  McDonnell (1802-1891) small farmer, son Thomas Jr.

    Kilgarve* (Kilgrave / Kilgarrow / Kilgannon) John McDonnell & Anne Cox, Mary McDonnell (widow), Patrick McDonnell 1811-1899, Thomas McDonnell

    Slattagh More James McDonnell (son of John O'Donnell)



    RC PARISH of KILGLASS 1866-1897

    Corgowan: Michael Mcdonnell & Brigid (Margaret, Catherine) Gallagher m.1867, Nicholas Mcdonnell & Brigid Gallagher

    Coolyclogher: Maurice McDonnell & Catherine McLoughlin m. 1867 (son of John McDonnell & Ann Hanly)

    Dooan:  James McDonnell & Elizabeth Tully : son of John McDonnell (1874) & Mary Fallon of Dooan

    Dooslattagh: Michael O Donnell (1807-1891), James O Donnell & Mary Donoughoe (also Slattagh) son:  Michael O Donnell & Helen/Eleanor Hoare of Kilglass m. 1888

    Druminardly : Patrick Mcdonnell & Mary Defly, James McDonnell & Mary Maguire m. 1879 lived in Drumanbeg (son of Henry McDonell 1802-1892 & Elenora Grehan/Lenahan of Clonkell)

    Graffoge / Upper Yard aka Yard:  Stephen O Donnell & Mary Garaghan/ Garahan

    *Kilgarve /Lavagh:  John Mcdonell & Mary Scott  

    Killastalliff:  Garrett (Gerard) McDonnell & Elizabeth Tully, Andrew McDonnell (sons of John McDonnell 1809-1873 & Mary Fallon of Dooan)

    Knockall: James McDonell & Mary Mcguire

    Meelick:  Martin McDonnell & Catherine McLoughlin

    Slattagh More:  James O Donnell & Honora McLoughlin m. 1865


    Hope this helps!

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Wednesday 17th Aug 2022, 02:51AM
  • Yes, Thomas McDonnell and Anne Derwin/Dervine married in 1836 not 1936.

    In Druminardly you have Patrick McDonnell married to Mary Defley and James McDonnell married to Mary Maguire in 1879.

    I believe that my Thomas McDonnell' mother was Ann Defley.

    Also at the time of the Mass migration there was still four McDonnells living in Kilglass, they where Daniel, Patrick, Henry and Owen.

    My problem is connecting them tp Thomas and Anne.

    Any help I could get would be greatly appreciated, John


    Sunday 16th Oct 2022, 10:26PM

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