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24-Feb-19 23:23
Ireland XO Community, Kilkeevin (Roscommon) 3 The de Crúis / Cruise 
by Rua 27-Feb-19 5:38

Catherine (Kitty) O'Conor, Mother of Andrew Myles McDermot

8-Jan-19 2:33
Kilcorkey (Roscommon), Clogher, Kilkeevin (Roscommon), Ballintober (Roscommon), Ireland XO Community, Kilronan (Roscommon) 6 Hello H. Shimek:
by GVWK 27-Jan-19 22:02

Any comments? Looking for family of Joshua Hamilton (c.1789-c.1864)

4-Apr-18 7:39
Ireland XO Community, Kilkeevin (Roscommon) 4 Trish:
by Castlemore Roscommon 8-Apr-18 0:07

Fennell Ancestors

28-Aug-17 9:36
Ireland XO Community, Kilkeevin (Roscommon), Kilrush (Clare) 8
by mrsmurphy 9-Jan-18 17:43

Family of Terence Flanagan and Mary-Ann Duffy

19-Dec-15 11:25
Kilkeevin (Roscommon) 4 Hi Roger,
by Bill.oneill 1-Sep-17 11:06

Griffin Family

21-Jan-15 12:58
Kilkeevin (Roscommon) 3 Griffin Family
by Ian Bromley 21-Jan-15 19:23

Looking for the Morris family of Emlagh Castlereagh

20-Jun-14 19:50
Kilkeevin (Roscommon) 3 Thank you so much!!!
by treasaigh7 2-Jul-14 18:02

Searching for Ancestors

19-Jun-14 0:45
Kilkeevin (Roscommon) 2 Searching For Ancestors
by Castlemore Roscommon 19-Jun-14 15:45

Keaveney Ancestors

13-Jun-14 21:25
Kilkeevin (Roscommon) 3 Keaveney Ancestors
by Castlemore Roscommon 19-Jun-14 17:07

Is this my 3 times great grandfather?

21-Jan-14 18:08
Kilkeevin (Roscommon) 3 Wow! Thank you. When I posted
by whynotyou 12-Mar-14 15:34


6-Jul-13 14:19
Kilkeevin (Roscommon) 3 Crinnigan
by Bellabetts 9-Aug-13 11:57

Transcription error or name recorded incorrectly?

7-Jun-13 19:33
Kilkeevin (Roscommon) 3 Celia Broderick
by RoscommonGenealogy 27-Jun-13 14:20

Can't find Drumdoolan, Kilkeevan

27-Apr-13 17:51
Kilkeevin (Roscommon) 4 Drumdoolan
by CMST 27-Apr-13 20:13

Looking for Healy's

30-Jan-13 21:37
Kilkeevin (Roscommon) 3 Ancestry Search
by Bobhealy 1-Jan-15 4:44

Edmond Green family Roscommon

8-Nov-12 15:29
Kilkeevin (Roscommon) 2 information/assistance
by cynoconnor 9-Jan-13 15:51