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Husbands - 2nd Great Grandfather ..... Michael Brennan & Bridget Green Family Boyle Rosecommon Ireland

Parish records for baptisms sometimes show Guildielmi Brenna & Brigida Grehan

Michael Brennan born 1816 Rosecommon possible sister Johanne and brother Bryan

Wife Bridget Green or Brigida Grehan on baptismal records

Son Michaelem Brennan born 10 May 1835 Rosecommon

Patrick born 1838 Boyle Rosecommon

Mary born 1839 Rosecommon

Catherine born 1840 Boyle Rosecommon

John born 1840 Rosecommon married Ann Healy daughter of Patrick Healy & Mary Meaney in Falls View Welland Ontario

19 Feb 1865 - 4 children that I can find - John Brennan was in Niagara Area about 1863 - listed as Labourer

I believe this family was on the 1851 Censu Burton upon Trent England with border (brother? Bryan)  they are gone by the next census. 


Friday 10th May 2019, 10:20PM

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    Welcome to the IrelandXO County Roscommon Community!

    The couple you are looking for is: 

    William Brennan & Brigid Grehan aka Greaghan  (Boyle RC)

    So please join the BOYLE civil parish and add it to your post there.  (Killukin Boyle is not your home parish)

    William Brennan & Brigid Grehan have baptismal records for the following children:

    Michael Brennan b. 1835 | Margaret Brennan b.1838 | Alice Brennan b. 1842 | Eugene aka Owen Brennan b.1848 | Bernard aka Bryan b.1851 | Mary b.1852 | Anne b.1854 

    "Michael Brenan & Brigid Grehan" baptising in (Boyle RC) was a clerical error. Should have been William.    

    William Brennan's siblings were: Michael Brennan | Timothy Brennan | John Brennan | Mary Brennan  |  

     The sponsors they invited as godparents, hold some clues to their siblings and in-laws:

    Michael Grehan  fl. 1835  Elizabeth Coyne  fl. 1835

    Timothy Brennan fl. 1838
    Brigid Cryan   fl. 1838

    Catherine Grehan fl. 1842

    Terence Oates & Maria Brenan   fl. 1848

    John Brennan & Mary Brennan  fl. 1851

    Denis Oates & Anne Kelly  fl.1854

    Michael Brennan & Anne Kelly 


    Tuesday 14th May 2019, 10:00AM