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Crosby"s from Roscommon

I am looking to find out about my ancestors and their desendants, my Great Great Grandfathers name was Patrick Crosby and was born in 1832 or 33, he moved to England sometime during the famine, his fathers name was Hugh Crosby who was a farmer in Roscommon ,information I have obtained from the Griffiths valuation show he lived at house no 1 Carrowngarry in the parish of kilmacumsy, Any help would be appreciated.

Kevin Crosby


Tuesday 13th August 2013, 10:05AM

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  • Kevin:

    I checked the 1901 and 1911 censuses and found a Crosbie/Crosby family in Carrowngarry. The father in 1901 was James and he was a widower. Possibly he was a younger brother to Patrick. By 1911, James was not there and presumably deceased. Three of his unmarried children were in the household.I checked further on James and found a death index record for a James Crosbie in 1907 in the Boyle registration district which includes Kilmacumsy. If you want a copy of this record, contact the GRO Fill out their form and provide the quarter/year of death, registration district and the volume and page number ( 4 and 49). Costs around 4 euros. I could not locate a death index record for Hugh so he may have died before 1864 when registration began.

    Roger McDonnell


    Name: James  

    • Last Name: Crosbie  
    • Year: 1907  
    • Year Of Death: 1907  
    • Registered Quarter/Year: Apr - Jun 1907  
    • Age: 62  
    • Birth Year: 1845  
    • Registration District: Boyle  
    • Volume: 4  
    • Page: 49  

    Castlemore Roscommon

    Tuesday 13th August 2013, 09:35PM
  • Thankyou  Roger



    Wednesday 14th August 2013, 10:39PM
  • Hi Kevin,


    I thought that I would introduce myself,  my name is Sarah, and I think we are looking for the same person.

    In the , I think 1851 census Patrick Crosby is Married  to Jane Ghilkes/ Ghilks, in Brownhills Walsall. In the 1961 census it says Jane  Crosby (nee) Ghilkes is living with John Crosby. There Daughter Catherine is my GG grandmother, Catherine Married a Burgwin.

    Hope is of some help.



    Sunday 4th August 2019, 07:54PM
  • Hi Sarah

    Great to hear from you,  I think Patrick and John are the same person ,not sure why he started to call himself John, I have managed to find records of Patricks father , I got a copy of Patrick and Jaynes wedding certificate which showed his father as Hugh Crosby  living in Roscommon Ireland , I searched griffith valuations in Ireland and found a Hugh Crosby at House 1 Carrowngarry Roscommon ,I havn't been able to go any further back , there may be some church records ,but not sure how to find out.




    Tuesday 6th August 2019, 11:16PM
  • Hi kevi

    lovely to hear from you, especially so quickly 

    We are having the same problem  with Hugh, I think a lot of Irish  goverment records were burnt at some point, so it's  very difficult to trace people. 

    I think you may be right about the church records being the best option.


    Patrick and Jane had a lot of children :


    Sarah Hannah Crosby 1865 , who married an Ernest Thacker, 

    Sidney Crosby 1875-1961

    Joseph Crosby 1869

    Katherine Crosby 1867-1949, married to WIlliam Burgwin, My great grandfather

    Peter Crosby 1859

    Hubert Crosby 1862

    Elizabeth Crosby 1871 or 1872.


    I do know some of who the others married ,but forgot to write it down,sorry.


    My nephew as just found, as I am typing  this to yourself,  a baptism record for John Crosby , father is Hugh, Mother is Catherine Lenahan, parish Creeve,Elphin and Creeve, Diocese Elphin.,   Carrowngarry Dated 1840 06/12/1840.

    Hope this information  helps you in your search.

    Just wondered if you by chance you had done anchestry DNA. Do you live in the uk , if you don't mind  me asking, and my nephew was wondering  do you know anyone from the family, especially Ireland.


    Hope these questions are not to intrusive. 


    Hope you are well





    Wednesday 7th August 2019, 02:27PM
  • Hi Kevin,,


    My nephew seems to be finding a lot of info about lines for cat he crosbie and guarantors,Jon crosbie and jas Bracken,Thos Merban, in end Oct 1842 ,in Crit : Rockville.




    Wednesday 7th August 2019, 08:06PM
  • Hi Sarah

    I am from the UK but don't live there anymore ,I live in New Zealand,I havn't done DNA yet but I have been thinking I should. No luck in finding any family in Ireland, Good that your nephew has found a name for Hugh's wife.My great grandfather is Peter, I dont mind any questions you may have, really good to find family.



    Wednesday 7th August 2019, 09:13PM