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Daughters of Bartholomew and Elizabeth Byrne Breheny

1. Anne baptised Feb 1831  Elphin parish

2 Elizabeth bapt. July  ?       Elphin

3. Eleanor bapt March 11 1843    Elphin 

Would like to find if they married, immigrated  , have children and possible current descendants .

They are my maternal gt aunts  .

There were 3 brothers

1  James bapt. Oct 21 1828 Elphin , my maternal gt grand father

2  Patrick bapt April 1 1838  Elphin

3  Michael  bapt July 3 1840  Elphin

 ALL 3 males  immigrated to New York state in mid 1860's .

I have all info for them as they settled in the city I am from.

Appreciate any information on the 3 females .

judge family

Saturday 5th December 2020, 06:40AM

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  • I made an error listing the Mothers maiden name 

    *** mother should be Elizabeth Feely ( Feihely ) ***

    judge family

    Saturday 5th December 2020, 07:00AM
  • I searched on the subscription site Roots Ireland for Judge or Breheny marriages in Co. Roscommon for Anne, Elizabeth and Eleanor and did not find any good leads. There were a few marriages with the correct names in other parishes in Co. Roscommon but they were a good distance from Elphin parish. You would expect the marriages to be in Elphin since marriages were normally held in the bride's church.

    One point of clarification, the records you located were in the parish of Elphin as opposed to the Diocese of Elphin? Correct?

    Likely the sisters emigrated.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 5th December 2020, 02:02PM
  • Not sure if you have this transcription...
    Date of Marriage:02-Jan-1828
    Parish / District:BOYLECounty:Co. Roscommon
    Address:Not RecordedNot Recorded
    Denomination:Roman CatholicRoman Catholic
    Occupation:Not RecordedNot Recorded
    Age:Not Recorded
    Husband's FatherWife's Father
    Name:Not RecordedBreheneyNot RecordedFeely
    Occupation:Not RecordedNot Recorded
    Husband's MotherWife's Mother
    Name:Not RecordedNot RecordedNot RecordedNot Recorded
    Witness 1Witness 2
    © 2020 Copyright County Roscommon Heritage & Genealogy Company


    Saturday 5th December 2020, 02:35PM
  • Here is a death record transcription for a Bartholomew who would have been born about 1881.
    Date of Death:10-Aug-1861
    Parish / District:BOYLE
    Address:Upper Deerpark
    County:Co. Roscommon
    Denomination:Roman Catholic
    © 2020 Copyright County Roscommon Heritage & Genealogy Company


    Saturday 5th December 2020, 02:53PM
  • Patricia's Lead above gives you a very good lead to researching your ancestor's RC Records. The NLI (National Liabrary of Ireland) has the RC Parish Records on Line. This link will take you to the Parish of Boyle


    Page 11 has a Baptism record for James 

    Page 88 last entry had a record for Patrick

    Page 113 has a record for Michael                     All three to the parents Bartholomew Breheny and Elizabeth Feehily.

    Page 9 under Marrages has an entry for a Patrick Breheny marrying a Bridget Gallagher 7 Feb 1853

    Page 29 RHS 1st entry may be a record of interest for an Anne Breheny.

    It may be worth your while contacting Roscommon Genealogy in Strokestown as they would have all of the Roscommon records in their computer syatem.

    Hope the above will help to narrow your research somewhat by researchaing the RC Parish of Boyle and working out from there.



    Sunday 6th December 2020, 12:35PM
  • I just checked and searched for Civil Records year 1864 - 1875 for Breheny in Boyle.

    A marriage record for Elizabeth Judge to Michael Muldoon 17 Feb 1870 district of Boyle is of interest. Her father's name is Batly deceased. She was from the townland of Lismarrane. married in the church of Kilfree, Gurteen. Co. Sligo.



    Sunday 6th December 2020, 12:59PM

    this is the link of interest to



    Sunday 6th December 2020, 01:05PM
  • Hi Martin!

    Thanks for your research. Happy Christmas to you!

    Judge family:

    Here is the civil marriage record that Martin found (4th record on the page). The marriage was actually held in Co. Sligo.



    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 6th December 2020, 03:01PM
  • Hi there,  I found a birth record for Elizabeth 29/07/1835 (29 Jul 1835).  Also a feasible marriage record for Elizabeth. Found birth records for Eleanor, and Ann but nothing else.

    Elizabetham Breheny

    Johannem Keany

    20/02/1854 (20 Feb 1854) Roman Catholic,Geevagh,Sligo






    Sunday 6th December 2020, 06:23PM
  • Also found the mothers maiden name Elizabethae Feely


    Sunday 6th December 2020, 06:24PM
  • Roger, Patricia, Martin and Jackie , thank you all for your time, effort and replys , all is appreciated . 

    Maybe the Elizabeth who married and fathers name was Batly should be Bartly . The 2nd Elizabeth who married Co Sligo is more likely . The 3 sisters may have gone to Sligo area to ??? other relatives after their father passed in 1861 and the 3 brothers sailed to the U.S. 1863-1868 time frame .?? Some possibilities to check out .  Thank you ALL , Patti


    judge family

    Monday 7th December 2020, 09:03AM
  • Batly/Bartly may have been an abbreviation for Bartholomew.

    Maggie May

    Tuesday 8th December 2020, 04:44PM
  • Patti:

    I saw your comment regarding the Owen Tunny message and being notified even though it is not your message. I alerted our Administrator since there may be a systems issue.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 8th December 2020, 07:56PM
  • The messages you get are by Parish I believe. I received both the Breheny and Tunny messages because I belong to the same Parish. I find it interesting :) and you never know when something might be related to your search. 


    Tuesday 8th December 2020, 08:05PM
  • Jackie:

    The Tunny message was posted in Boyle parish. This message is in Elphin so different parishes. However, both messages were posted in Roscommon parish which may be a clue.

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    Tuesday 8th December 2020, 10:02PM
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    I also posted this reply on the Tunny message.



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