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Burnett / Regan

Hello---You have a wonderful site here!  I'm trying to find information on the Burnetts in Boyle, Roscommon, particularly Henry Burnett and Harrison Burnett. There are several of them. My great grandmother, Annie J. Burnett was born there Sept 1862. Her mother was A.Regan. I believe they lived in Keadue. I've seen Kilronan Church of Ireland on some of the Civil Registrations. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Seems I've hit a wall in finding Annie J. Burnett's family. Thank you!  Teri


Wednesday 12th June 2019, 12:27AM

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  • Hi Teri

    You don't say who the father of Annie J was.

    Looking at the parish registers for Boyle, I cannot see a birth for Annie in 1862. It is possible the date is wrong and it might be worth your while looking through the records for other years to try to locate the record. You can access the records through this link. The records go back to 1793 for births and 1792 for marriages with a few gaps, but you may be lucky and find a marriage for her parents there too.

    Griffiths Valuation in 1858 has Henry Burnett in Keadue and Harrison Burnett in Cartronaglogh both in Kilronan parish. Again I looked here for the birth of Annie but could not find it. It is probably worth looking through these registers to see if you can glean any more information about the family. has a marriage index record for Harrison Burnett in 1848. Unfortunately the record is not viewable at the moment but you can obtain it by following the links on the page. 

    There is a death record for Harrison in 1896 which includes the name of his son in law which might be helpful for you.

    This is a death for a Henry Burnett.

    If you can clarify which man is Annie's father I will see what else I can find for you.



    Wednesday 12th June 2019, 10:00AM
  • Teri:

    The subscription site Roots Ireland has a transcription of the 1848 marriage record for Harrison Burnett and Anne Hyland and the names of their fathers are listed.

    Roger McDonnell

    Date of Marriage:04-Aug-1848
    County:Co. Roscommon
    Husband  HarrisonBurnett Address Keadue
    Wife AnneHylandAddress:Drumshanbo
    Church Of Ireland
    Husband's Father Edward Burnett
    Wife's FatherName:RobertHyland

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon

    Thursday 13th June 2019, 05:02PM
  • Hi Miriam...Thanks so much for all of the information.  My grandfather's name was Henry Harrison Burnett. The big problem I have is that there are quite a few Harrisons and a couple of Harrison who died in 1896 was born in 1816. I doubt he is my grandmother's father....I have tracked his marriages and children and there is no Ann.

    What I did find in the records on Rootsireland is one baptism record for a Margaret Burnett..baptized 16 Sep 1865 in Kilronan Parish. The father is listed as Henry Burnett and the mother says "Not recorded Regan". This is driving me crazy because it is the only record in 20 years that I have found with Henry Burnett and "Regan". I know Annie J. Burnett was brought up Protestant. I'm wondering if her mother died and her father brought her up Protestant?  I did find a marriage record in Roscommon for Henry Burnett and Anne Jane Johnston but they were married in 1868 after my grandmother would have been born.  Then there's a Henry "Harry" Burnett born 1817 in Roscommon who could be her father but I can't find any other info on him other than he died in 1888. I thank you so much for the time you have spent on this...I truly appreciate it....



    Thursday 13th June 2019, 11:06PM
  • Hi Roger,

    Thank you so much for your time and effort. I have a one month's subscription to Rootsireland and have been combing their records diligently. I've found so many pieces to the puzzle but can't put them together because I can't corrobrate the information. My mother who lived with my great grandmother, Annie Burnett, said Annie told her that her mother's maiden name was Regan and her father was Henry Harrison Burnett. I can't find a Henry Harrison Burnett....I find Henry and I find Harrison....and the only birth record I find with Burnett and Regan is for a Margaret Burnett baptized in Roscommon 16 Sept 1865 and there's no birth date on the record and no first name of the mother, just "Regan". So, I continue to try and piece the info I have and search for me. I truly appreciate your help. Thank you!


    Thursday 13th June 2019, 11:10PM
  • Teri,

    Here is the image of that record you found on Roots Ireland. It does confirm that the mother's first name is not recorded.

    I think it is fairly safe to assume that Harrison and Henry are brothers. There seems to be no record of a marriage between Henry and a Ms Regan that I can see. There is an index record for a Henry Burnett marriage in Rathdown in 1855. It might be worth ordering the full cert (follow the links on the page). It's a long shot since Rathdown is some way from Kilronan but with little to go on, it might be worth a shot.

    I have a few other scraps for you.

    This is the image of the marriage of Henry Burnett in 1868. He is the son of Henry, could he be a brother/half brother of Annie?

    I found this record for a Harrison Burnett in 1883. It looks likely that it is a brother of Annie. You may have this already.

    You can see he was married in the United Church or England and Ireland, so, not a Catholic church.

    I came across this site that seems to have contacts for various Roscommon surnames, maybe you could pick up some information if you email the Burnett contact.


    Searching John Grenham's surnames, it shows Kilronan as the only townland in Roscommon where households of both Burnett and Regan are in proximity to each other. 

    Other than that, I think trawling through the parish registers is the only way, it looks like the records should be there going by the dates but of course that is no guarantee. It might be helpful to look at neighbouring parishes also. 

    Good Luck.


    Friday 14th June 2019, 06:40PM