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Hi I am looking for the area of Roscommon that my G.G. Grandfather Patrick Garrity was born.  He was born in 1835.  He went on to marry Elizabeth Logan (Lizzie) 

Elizbeth “ Lizzie” Logan

B: 1844 Derreenahinch, Ardcarn, Co Roscommon, Ireland.

They left Ireland at some point and married June 9th 1862 in the District of St. Andrew the the burgh of Edinburgh. ( Can’t make out the name of the Catholic chapel)

On his marriage certificate it lists his parents as Luke Gaharty and Mary Gaharty. But,  on his death certificate on Dec 17th 1911, it lists his parents as Luke Garrity and Catherine Garrity.

I have no records of Luke, Mary or Catherine so I don’t know if they were all from Roscommon but I am pretty sure Luke and Mary were.  

I am visiting Ireland for the first time at the end of September and would love to narrow down and visit the part of Roscommon my ancestors came from.

Thank you,



Morag McLean

Monday 3rd September 2018, 09:15PM

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  • Morag:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    I searched on the subscription site Roots Ireland and did not locate a baptismal record for Patrick Geraghty with father Luke. I searched for all of Ireland. I also looked at the 1855 Griffiths Valuation head of household listing for Co. Roscommon and did not find a Luke Geraghty record. Possibly he was deceased at that point or he was a very small farmer.

    I did find a lead in the 1833 Tithe listings for Tumna civil parish. There was a Luke Gaharty in Brackloon townland in Tumna civil parish. Tumna is just south of Ardcarn civil parish. The RC parish would be Ardcarn/Tumna/Cootehall and records start in 1843 which would explain not finding Patrick's 1835 baptismal record.

    I would seek other evidence that could confirm that this Luke is your ancestor.

    Have you tested your DNA?

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 3rd September 2018, 10:44PM
  • M

     Thank you Roger.  

    I found a Luke Geraghty in Aghafin, parish Mostrim Co.Longford on Griffith’s Valuation for July 6 1855

    And one for Killerry, parish Killerry, Co. Sligo for July 7 1858.  Not sure how to find out anymore from this information. 

    Since Lizzie was born in Ardcarn and Luke’s Tithe applotment was in Tumna and you’ve indicated the RC Parish would be Ardcarn/Tumna/Cootehall, it would seem a good place to search for my Geraghty relatives.  It seems that Cootehall is in the Northern party of the county and not far from Co. Sligo.

    I see on the Irish Ancestors: Roman Catholic records for Cootehall that there are Online transcripts for purchase from Roscommon Heritage and Genealogy Company.  Is this a reliable source do you know?  Is it worth looking into?


    Many Thanks,


    Morag McLean

    Tuesday 4th September 2018, 11:52AM
  • Morag:

    The National Library of Ireland has RC Parish registers online for free searching. Here is the link for the Ardcarn/Tumna/Cootehall parish register for 1843-1881. 

    I took a look at the early years of the register and the handwriting is clear but the records are in Latin. I can assist you with translations if you need help.

    I'm not familiar with Irish Ancestors. I use Roots Ireland where you can get a short-term subscription to Roots Ireland   

    You can search for records faster with Roots but again the records for Ardcarn/Tumna/Cootehall start in 1843. 


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 4th September 2018, 04:02PM
  • Hi Morag

    Welcome to the IrelandXO Roscommon group. Have you joined the civil parish of Ardcarne parish group yet? 

    Were you able to pinpoint the location of Derreenahinch near Ballyfermoyle? It is a small 84-acre townland on the south-east shore of Lough Skean. This Catholic parish map is handy for determining proximity to other parishes. (Brackloon in Tumna was nowhere near, but if they met overseas, it's still a possibility).


    I believe your ancestral home was located in the centre of Farm #1 Derrynahinch which was held by Owen Gray in 1857 [Griffith's Map].

    > Look to the 2 houses in the centre of plot 1 that are not denoted by any letter.

    > Mapped in 1837 these two were 'down' (unhabitable) by 1857.  

    > The remains of the larger dwelling may still be visible on the left-hand side of the boreen road leading up to the lakeshore. The smaller cottage is no longer extant, the site now covered in woodland.

    The house near the shore, marked with the letter "a" was the home of Owen (aka Eugene) Grey who shared land in common with Stephen Logan in 1834 (meaning they were related). Owen's grandson, Martin Grey Jr. occupied this house in 1911. A farm is still extant on this lakeshore site today, but I don't know if it is occupied by Grey descendants or not. (You may get lucky).

    Stephen Logan is recorded in "Derrinahinch" in 1834, sharing land in common with Owen & John Grey and Thomas Leydon / Leadon. Meaning: they were all related through marriage; the Leydon family and the other Grey family living in Derrenahinch are also distant relatives of yours. They were all native Irish-speakers. They Leydons spoke no English, even in 1901!

    By 1857, the Logan's were gone, but Owen Grey [farm 1] was still there. Thomas Leydon Sr. [farm 2] and John Grey [farm 3] were deceased, but the next generation remained: see  Thomas Leydon b.1822  (who married Anne Lenahan) and Thomas Grey b.1821 (who married Brigid Leydon). 

    Their landlord was Thomas Tennison (subsequently Edward King-Tenison) so be sure to stop by Kilronan Castle to see how the other half lived!  You may find a record for what happened in Derrenahinch during the famine if you have time to visit the National Library of Ireland in Dublin ( e-mail in advance re the Tennison estate papers, to see if your townland is covered in their collection).

    As Roger mentioned... Church records for Ardcarn/Cootehall don't begin until 1843. So there is no true way to work out this Grey-Leydon-Logan kinship exactly.   In 1845, Catherine Logan married Thomas Casey (witnessed by Edward and Brigid Leydon). They baptised a son, Patrick, in 1847, then disappeared. My guess is, this is around the time your Logans had to emigrate.

    It is certain they were very poor and therefore doubtful you will find any family graves. However, the Ardcarne Parish Graveyard Committee may be a good starting point of contact to track down any local historians (in advance of your trip). In general, visitors to North Roscommon (Barony of Boyle) may benefit from making advance contact with the following groups (to see if they have a member historian in their specific district):


    Carrick-on-Shannon Heritage Society [Homepage]    Carrick-on-Shannon Heritage Society [Facebook]

    Co. Roscommon Historical & Archaeological Society [Facebook] [Homepage]

    Failing that... the next best option would be to seek out the "local historian" by way of making enquiries through Ballyfermoyle's:  

    • local historical society 
    • GAA club 
    • Tidy Towns Committee
    • National School   
    • ask the local press / parish newsletter to post a family search query. This can work very well especially among the older generation who take a great interest in "tracing". e.g.  BOYLE TODAY or ROSCOMMON PEOPLE and/or the local parish priest*. 





    Hands down, a visit to Co. Roscommon should take in the Strokestown Famine Museum

    I have posted a range of other general places of interest to the Ardcarne Local Guide. And don't forget Kilronan Castle (just east of Derreenahinch).


    Hope this helps!


    Kind regards







    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Tuesday 11th September 2018, 04:20AM

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  • Dear Morag:  

    in addition to Rua’s very helpful advice, you can contact me directly for some information about the local groups in the area. My email address is:  

    Kind regards,  



    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Tuesday 11th September 2018, 10:08AM

    Many thanks, to ALL of you for your kind assistance.  I will follow up with all this information. So that next week when I arrive I will  hopefully at least find the place where my Great Great Grandmother Lizzie Logan was born in Derreenahinch and with that some distant relatives if I am very lucky!

    I have since found another Luke Gerty, Townland Derreendooey, Parish Ardcarn Co. Roscommon  from Griffiths Valuation July 1, 1858. So I am looking into that one since the proximity to the Logan’s is close.


    Kindest Regards,

    Morag McLean (nee Garrity)

    London, Ontario

    Morag McLean

    Tuesday 18th September 2018, 03:22PM