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I am trying to tie down family from a few possible parishes in Roscommon and am finding no baptismal or marriage records for scores of people I KNOW were born and married in Roscommon.  When I researched family in Cork and Limerick, it was almost too easy. I have been looking on Roots Ireland, Ancestry, and Find My Past with no luck.  So is the state of the records from Roscommon a bit spotty comparatively? I have set the search parameters wide and narrow both and nothing. 

Any ideas of how else to nail down parishes for these relatives?



Chicago IL


Thursday 13th April 2017, 09:29PM

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  • Jeanie:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    Yes, Roscommon would be more difficult for research than Cork and Limerick. Many of the parishes have records starting 1850 or later.I assume you looked at the Roots Ireland list of online sources for Co. Roscommon. Can we assist in any way?

    Roger McDonnell


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 13th April 2017, 09:39PM
  • Hi Jeannie


    Have you read "Locating a parish" at:

    I too was stumped until I got my head around alternative spelling of surnames (e.g. Elwood can also be Aylwood). Have you tried wildcard searches using an * (e.g. **wood) ?

    Also, another major problem in Co Roscommon Catholic Parish Records was the fact that the first name was recorded in Latin (and each priest had their own idea about which Latin name should apply to a Gaelic name). So I could not find "Bryan McDermott" anywhere on parish records until I realised he was recorded as "Barnabus" sometimes and "Bernardus" on other occasions.  So you will need to check out:

    Have you also tried all of these Roscommon resources...  (to highlight the hotspots for any given surname in Co. Roscommon)   (surname database, giving townland and parish)  (great for nailing down parishes... always my first point of call)    (The cemetery records are particularly useful).

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Thursday 11th May 2017, 09:40AM
  • Hi Rua

    Thanks so much for the leads.  The name guide is hugely helpful.  And I did not know about the igp-web/Roscommon page either.  Greatly appreciate the guidance.



    Wednesday 17th May 2017, 03:02AM