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Re: Townland of Cloonagh and Srarevagh, Parish of Drumcliffe, Sligo County

Re: Townland of Cloonagh and Srarevagh, Parish of Drumcliffe, Sligo County 12/3/2018

 I am trying to trace information/connections to regarding Martin Dunleavy 1820 married to Mary Rooney and their sons James Dunleavy 1844  lived 2 Srarevagh (1901&1911 census)  with Sarah Marren Ballintrillic, Sligo County. Also,his brother Martin Mor Dunleavy 1853  married to Mary Dunleavy 1861  both were born in the townland of Cloonagh.   

Many thanks


Tuesday 18th October 2016, 02:48PM

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  • Bernadette:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    Hopefully someone will recognize your family and respond. Recently, the Irish government released images of civil records. Below re likely death records for James, Martin and Sarah. You will have to sign-in to see the records.

    Feel free to post an ireland XO Chronicle about members of your family.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon

    Tuesday 18th October 2016, 05:39PM
  • Wow - Many thanks Roger


    Wednesday 19th October 2016, 01:41PM
  • Bernadette

    Monday 12th March 2018, 11:43AM
  • Bernadette,

    My Grandfather was Martin Dunleavy, born 19 October 1981. His father was James Dunleavy and his mother was  Sarah Marren.

    Martin's birth was registered in the District of Carney in Sligo and the place of brith was Silver Hill.

    The Townland of Cloonagh and Srarevagh are also familiar to me from my research.


    Martin Dunleavy


    Saturday 13th July 2019, 12:16AM
  • hi martin


    happy new year 2020!

    just spotted your posting. i am already in private exchange with bernadette.  i am aware of your dunleavy line, your grandfather martin born 1883;  and his father james born 1844 married to sarah marren . hoping you may have some info on another dunleavy line, my own line, which as far as i know, is not related to your line even though both lines  hail from the townland of cloonagh co sligo.

    my line goes back through my grandfather john dunleavy  born 1872  married to  brigid connolly.

    my great grandfather was patrick dunleavy  born 1835/38 married to catherine clancy. 

    i can see from the marriage cert of patrick dunleavy born 1835/38 married to catherine clancy, that his father was  martin dunleavy but thats all the info i can find on martin. it has been suggested to me that one martin  dunleavy who was  born 1809 ? is possibly the father of patrick 1835/38 but its only conjecture. i have no info on martin 1809's spouse or on any of his children other than patrick 1835/38.  so, i am trying to establish any siblings  of patrick dunleavy born 1835/38 . that way i am hoping to also find out  more about  their father martin 1809?

    would you by any chance have any info on my line - siblings  of patrick dunleavy born 1835/38  and/or their father martin 1809?

    i can give you my email address for direct exchange. 

    many thanks

    fergus dunleavy


    Wednesday 1st January 2020, 11:05PM
  • Fergus,

    I have, at this stage, no information on Patrick Dunleavy although I have come across him on my limited research. I have my Grandfather's birth certificate which confirms him having been born in 1881 to James and Sarah. Martin would have been named after his grandfather, but that doesn't help you!

    If you give me your email address I can send you copies of some further information which I have on the Dunleavy lineage.

    We had hoped to get back over to Ireland this year, but don't want to travel until this Corona virus thing has settled down. In the interim, I have a younger cousin who may get over there from Scotland as she has started research on the family.


    information on James Dunleavy and Sarah Marren aligns with my family.


    Martin Dunleavy


    Thursday 5th March 2020, 11:29PM