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Searching for any information surrounding Hugh Dyer, born 19 Jul 1858.

He departed Londonderry, Ireland in August 1881 on the ship Nova Scotian and arrived in Halifax, N.S. on 25 August 1881.  He then departed N.S. on the ship L.L. Canima, on or about 29 August 1881, entering the U.S. on 29 August 1881.

He married a beautiful Irish woman named Katherine (Kate) May, who entered the U.S. around the same time.

Knowing the various reasons and importance of naming sons after fathers, and the wifes father, and the daughters in the same manner following the mothers names;

Hugh named his sons in the following order:  1. Daniel Joseph Dyer.  2. Hugh (Edward?) Dyer,   3. Patrick Francis Dyer.  4. Francis Willard Dyer.

He named his daughters: 1. Catherine Dyer.  2. Anna H. Dyer


I would appreciate any asistance:)


Patrick Dyer




Sunday 7th Jul 2013, 07:29PM

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