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emigration to Scranton, PA, USA


I understand there was at least one wave of emigration from County Sligo to the area of Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA. My great-grandparents (Martin and Mary (nee Conmy) Conmy) and their young children were part of one such wave. They were from Culleens area and left Ireland c1880. Might their landowner (Thomas Jones or Harper Campbell) have paid their way? What port might they have departed from--Ballina or further south? Any ship names available?

Your help is much appreciated.

Rosemary Saul

searching CONMY, McMUNNS, HOWLEY from Sligo




Thursday 18th February 2016, 04:42AM

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  • Rosemary:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    We only have one Parish liaison in Co. Sligo and they are not close to Kilglass parish. Can I suggest that you contact the Enniscrone library branch. Enniscrone is also in Kilglass parish and likely the librarian can assist with your questions.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon

    Thursday 18th February 2016, 04:51PM
  • Just seeing this a year later.  I can't help in Ireland, but I wonder if you have read THE IRISH ARE COMING - Sligto to Scranton - 1850 to 1900 by Jim Dolan.  It is online and can be downloaded as PDF.   In the index at the end, names are listed.  Conmy is definitely there.   Hope this gets to you and that it adds other information.


    Saturday 28th January 2017, 11:18AM
  • Rosemary,

    I have researched  my Howleys from Castleconnor Parish in Sligo which is right next to Kilglass  They were from the townland of Carraun.  In the process, I have read quite a bit about the Conmys from the area.  Are you familiar with the work of Father Thomas Sweeney called "In The Footsteps of St. Brendan"?  I have seen parts of it, but have never been able to get a copy of the whole work.    He did quite a bit of work on both the Howleys and the Conmys and I know I have saved some of that and if you are interested I can share it with you.

    William Witt

    Son of Margaret Howley

    Rochester, New York



    Monday 30th January 2017, 08:51PM
  • Yes, I have downloaded and combed through Jim Dolan's book, The Irish Are Coming. Found some Conmys, but none of the names/dates match with "my" people who left Culleens area about 1880 and settled near Scranton, PA.


    The Howley branch of the Conmys would have been from near Ballina (Ardnaree and or Cloonislaun). My gggrandmother Bridget Howley married Thomas Conmy c1850. They had at least 6 children, several of whom settled in/near Scranton:

    Mary Conmy (b1851 of Thomas and Bridget Howley Conmy) married Martin Conmy (b 1848 of Michael and Mary McMunns Conmy) in 1872  This is my great grandmother.

    Martin Conmy (b 1852 in Ballina) remained in Ireland?

    Katherine Conmy (b 1855?) emigrated c1878 and married Michael Brown in 1884 in Scranton, PA. 

    Patrick Conmy (b 17 March 17, 1855) in Ardnaree--emigration status unknown

    James Conmy (b 26 July 1857) in Ardnaree--emigration status unknown

    Bridget Conmy (b 1860) emigrated c1890 and married James Long c 1895 in Scranton, PA


    The McMunns branch of the Conmys are less known. In fact, I know nothing about Mary McMunns parents or siblings.I do know she married Michael Conmy in Templeboy on 26 Jan 1836. This couple had at least 11 children

    Mary (b 1838) married Patrick Kaveny. They remained in Ireland, appearing on 1901 Census in Rathmarcurkey.

    John (b 1840) emigrated in 1862 to NYC. Married Brenda Foley. Their first child Lillian was born on Long Island, NYC and subsequent children born near Scranton, PA.

    Anne (b 1843) married Charles Bourke. Emigrated to USA but returned to Ireland where she died. 

    Michael (b 1845) emigration status unknown

    Martin (b 1848) married Mary Conmy (of Thomas and Bridget Howley) in 1872. Emigrated to USA c 1880. My great grandfather

    Anthony (b 1852) emigrated 1871, married Mary Jane _________ in USA. One child born before Mary Jane died. Remarried to Catherine McNamera. This couple had 6 children; resided in Brooklyn, NY until his death there in 1931.

    Patrick E (b 1854) emigrated to US c1871. Was a blacksmith in NYC until his death. Married Hellen Kane 3 or 4 children.

    Mathew Conmy (b 1855) remained in Culleens/Rathmarcurkey. Blacksmith. Married Celia Conmy (daughter of Anthony Conmy and Mary Coleman of Tawnalaughta). No children but had nieces & nephews residing with them in 1901 and 1911 censuses.

    Ellen Jane (b 1857) emigrated to USA married Michael Tracy NYC

    Thomas (b 1859) married Catherine McCawley c1890  8 children

    Elizabeth (b1862) emigrated date unknown. Married Hugh Finn and had 5 children all born in Manhattan, NYC


    You see there are lots of people with the same or similar names, Conmys marrying Conmys. Some went to Scranton, some to NYC, a few stayed in Cartron, Culleens, or Rathmacurkey which I know from being there are not very far apart. I am hoping someone is related that is also searching so we can share our findings.

    Thanks so much.

    Rosemary Saul

    Yakima, Washington USA





    Wednesday 1st February 2017, 02:05AM