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Looking for Information On my 3rd Great grandparents James/John Moran born 1841 Leitrim and Mary Murray born 1843,

They had a son called James moran b 1879 (which I have info on) James Jr was baptized at Kilmactigue, Tourlestrane

Below is a photograph of James and Mary with I assume is a daughter.

Any information would be gratefully appreciated

Thank you in advance  

Andrea Moran


Sunday 4th October 2020, 08:25AM

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  • Hello Andie, I could not see the Mary Murray baptism you refer too but there are quieet a few with father Francis, including Leitrim and Roscommon. I see what I assume is the 1874 marriage which if free to view here Civil records for all commence in 1864.

    Click on Civil records, the church records are not on fully or nearly on either. Type in the name and year and it should come up, find it on the page of the register,

    Date of Marriage: 01-Feb-1874  KILMOREMOY DISTRICT County: MAYO

    Husband                                            Wife

    Name:  James   Moran                  Mary   Murry

    Address:   Masshill                             Kregella

    Occupation:        FARMER                              

    Husband's Father                             Wife's Father

    Name:  Patt        Moran                  Francis  Murry                                  

    Occupation: FARMER                     FARMER                              

    Witness 1                                            Witness 2

    Name:  Anthony Moran                      Bridget Durcan


    These areas are all within a small distance of your given area, a subscription site gives 3 children, James and two Pat in 1877 and 1890, this is indicative the first Pat died, as I mooched around and wonder why the site did ot give me civil records I searched the above site and the registration district in Tubbercurry. There are 50 Moran children born 1874 to 1895, the record of Pat 1890 has a sister Bridgid present at birth, also found the civil cert for a Mary, attach both, did not look any further, you have to open each Moran birth in turn to see who the mother and father are. I can find no address for Mary Murray at marriage as Kregella. 

    I am not the local volunteer but was watching the query as I have Murray ancestors from Leitrim and find them a bit of a mystery, oddly Murray is a common enough name in Ireland and difficult to pin down, I do volunteer in Louth on the east coast which is why I will appear as a volunteer.

    Enough there to pass some lockdown time for you always assuming you are locked down.



    St Peters Louth

    Saturday 10th October 2020, 09:31PM

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