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The Australian adventure for this Healy family began when an uncle, Patrick Healy, was convicted on 27 March 1848 of stealing 2 heifers and was sentenced at Sligo to 7 years in Van Dieman’s Land ( now Tasmania, Australia). Patrick sailed on the Hyderabad from Dublin (also recorded as Kingston) 23 May 1849. Arrived in Van Dieman’s Land on 26 August 1849 (94 days). He was aged 40, had a wife, Margaret, brothers – John & Domminick, sisters Mary & Anne and 7 children    ( Mary, Patrick, Catherine, Matthew, Margaret, Thomas & Martin). He obtained permission to bring his family out and they settled at Forrest (near Stanley) in Tasmania. He recommended to his brother, John’s family to come to Tasmania.

The first of the John Healy’s family to arrive were Patrick (Patk) (aged 20) and Michael (aged 18)( names spelled HEALEY). They arrived in Melbourne aboard NAPIER in May 1865 and proceeded on the Black Swan to Launceston, Tasmania, Australia arriving on 4 June 1865.

Young John Healy (Jnr) arrived in Melbourne in January 1871 aged 19 along with younger brother, James aged 17( surnames shown as HEALEY). aboard ESSEX.

 Another brother, Rodger, came to Australia but no documentary evidence is available. The only possible reference seems to be a  Roger Healy arriving in Sydney on 11 July 1884 from London aboard  “Westmeath”. Rodger was definitely in Victoria, Australia but is thought to have returned to Ireland.

John’s 5 sons emigrated to Australia: (There is much confusion over birth years)

(1) Patrick BORN 25 JULY 1846 (SOURCE- Victorian Police Staff Records). ( Also 20 years of age when he arrived on Napier June 1865).

(2) Rodger born 1840. Was in Australia but no records.

(3) Michael born 1844? However he was 18 when he arrived on the Napier in June 1865 which would make the birth year 1847:but there is the following Baptismal Record which indicates birth in 1842 and the address seems to fit the names and area.



 Baptismal Record




Child:                                   Michael Healy

Address:                                             Coagh

Date of Baptism:              13-Aug-1842

Father:                                 John Healy

Mother:                               Catherine McGloin

Sponsor 1:                          Dominick Healy

Sponsor 2:                          Bridget McGlocklin

Parish:                                 Kilshalvey, Kilturra & Cloonoghil, RC         

Register:                             B1,         Page: 010,           Entry: 154.

(4) John (jnr) born Sept 1854 at Collecrene, Sligo. However he was shown as 19 when he arrived on the Essex in Jan 1871 which would support 1852 as the birth year.

 (5)James born 4 December 1857. He was 17 when he arrived on the Essex in Jan 1871 which would have made the birth year 1854.

 There were 2 daughters, Catherine who married a Meehan and another, name unknown.

John’s wife, Catherine ( surname McGloin –on Michael’s Baptism Certificate, Kate McGlare on James’ Death Certificate, or McGlune on John (jnr)’s Marriage Certificate in1888 & McGlone on John ( jnr)’s death certificate. Apparently the McGloins lived in Mount Irvine on the Gurteen – Tubbercurry Rd.

According to the Griffith Valuation I have  copy of the Griffith Valuations, Parish of Kilshalvy, listing a tenant named John Healy in the townland of Coagh.  The Griffith map shows John Healy on Plot 4a (land & house, pt.bog) & Dominic Healy on Plot 2 (land), 3a (land & house) and 4b (house). John & Dominic are most likely the brothers of the Patrick Healy who was transported to Australia ( Van Dieman’s Land or Tasmania in 1848-1849)


The Griffith Valuations were undertaken by Government order after the act of 1838 to determine the amount of tax each tenant should pay towards the support of the poor and destitute within his poor law union.  In addition to giving the name of each occupier or tenant, it gives the name of the townland or city location, the area of this holding and the valuation assessment. The valuations for County Sligo were conducted in the year 1858.


There is a letter from a niece Katie Meehan(daughter of Catherine Healy who married a Meehan and granddaughter of John & Catherine Healy) dated 10 Feb 1928 from address “Kilshalvey, Rathmullen, Ballymote”. Katie had 2 brothers, Patrick Meehan –who became a policeman and John Meehan, these three are the children of Catherine Healy (daughter of John) and ? Meehan. Apparently they lived at Kilshalvey beside the crossroads on the main Ballymote – Gurteen Road.


I realise that all these questions are very difficult to answer but any relevant information will be greatly appreciated -

  1. Is John Healy on the Griffiths Valuation the same John, the father of the 5 boys- Patrick, Michael, Rodger, John & James and daughters Catherine (Meehan) and another daughter, name unknown. Date and place of JOHN & CATHERINE'S wedding, death and where are they buried.
  2. Which Meehan did Catherine Healy marry. Is there a wedding date, Catherine’s birthdate and when did Catherine and her husband die.
  3. What happened to Catherine Meehan's children Katie, John and Patrick Meehan
  4. What is the name of the second daughter of John & Catherine Healy. What is her date of birth and death. Did she marry.
  5. What happened to Rodger Healy. Did he return to Ireland, marry, wife’s name, date of death.
  6. Are there any close relatives still living in Sligo area. Has anyone researched the family tree?
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    Please be patient - as our programme has only begun to rollout across the island of Ireland and volunteers in some areas may not yet be organized.

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