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Search for James McSharry born ca. 1839

In the last quarter of the twentieth century, an elderly aunt sent us a handwritten genealogy.  It indicated that her father, Edward McSharry, was born in Aug. 7, 1868, in Carney, Union of Sligo.  This search result is confirmed both on Family Search and Ancestry.  I can also locate this same information in the recently released parish registers.  Yet there, the baptismal parish appears to be Glenade in Leitrim.  But it contains the same information she wrote.  That his father was James McSharry and his mother was Mary McNulty whose parents were Michael McNulty and Mary Gallagher.  Also stated in her note is that his father came from Mullanfad, which appears to be in the Sligo part of Rossinver, not the Leitrim.  Now all this was pre-internet research and she had  not traveled to Ireland,  so I don't know where she got the information that now appears to be verified by the internet.  She did know her two aunts who had also come to New York.  Perhaps they had given her the details.  She gave me the names of these two sisters and two brothers as well as another brother who emigrated to England.  But I can't find parish register birth information for any of them  using either Sligo or Leitrim.  I would love to verify what the real story of this family is and possibly trace the McSharry, McNulty and Gallagher lines we come from.  I would appreciate any help, including understanding the area in Rossinver that the McSharries apparently settled in and what the connections would be in Leitrim for a Roman Catholic family.  Thank you so much for any help you are able to provide.




Sunday 5th June 2016, 11:14PM

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  • jbke13ancest:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    The RC parish of Glenade mostly has territory in Co. Leitrim but part of the parish covered part of Rossinver parish in Co. Sligo. This would explain why the family lived in Sligo but went to an RC church in Leitrim. The other complication is that the records for Glenade parish start in November 1867  so if the brothers and sisters were all older than Edward then no church baptismal records would exist.

    The 1901 census for Mullanfad in Co. Sligo had five McSharry households.  

    Let me know if you have questions.

    Roger McDonnell

    Monday 6th June 2016, 12:11AM
  • I located an 1871 baptismal record for a Denis McSharry. See transcription below. I think this is Mary in the 1911 with Denis and another son Patrick. I think the ages for Denis and Patrick were understated by a few years. Note the Gallagher grandson.




    Name:Denis MacSharryDate of Birth:
    Date of Baptism:08-Feb-1871Address:
    Parish/District:GLENADE ROMAN CATHOLICGender:MaleCountyCo. Leitrim

    Denomination:Roman Catholic
    Father:James MacSharryMother:Mary MacNulty

    Monday 6th June 2016, 12:16AM
  • Roger:  Thank you so much for clarification about the parish and it's recorded years, since Edward was younger than at least some of his siblings.  I too found and was amazed at the overlap with Denis and Mary and played with possibility that father had accompanied older family to US and mother stayed home with younger.  BUT, our aunt made no mention of younger siblings or of his father in US, and since she had other correct info from non-digital sources, I decided to trust her story.  Also, I found parish entry for an Edward born of parents with identical names on 11 July 1868.  Unfortunately, I carelessly didn't record which parish.  So, since he wouldn't have been baptized twice, I'm accepting as a hypothesis that not only were there two boys of almost same age with same name, but they also had identically named parents.  What do you think?  I have observed in the records that McSharry, Gallagher, and McNulty seemed to circle around each other in the whole general area, often with the same first names used throughout line, although James, Michael and John are much more common than Edward.  I assume they were a similar class/culture of farmers in the larger area and were part of a long established community there.  Edwards's siblings per our aunt with birth years from US censuses were: Mary, b August 1859; Anne/Annie b April 1864; John born in 1870; Michael, whose identify I can't confirm from number of possibilities; and James, who went off to England and became a policeman, whom I'm assuming was either first born of all or oldest son at least.  I did find a James in Griffiths but wasn't sure if same family; and if so, if we're their father or grandfather.  Was Sligo done in early or later years of Griffith?  Also, do you know anything about the settlement of the large number of McSharries in what seems to be the lower mountainous portion of Rossinver.  I've read a few references to their possibly having Gallowglass origins and wondered if that was where their "aristocratic employer" originally gave them land if this is true? Also forgot to mention that either once in US or before, Edward changed his surname to Foley, although family tradition knew he was originally a McSharry.  Will try to locate the July parish entry to see if it dovetails with where Mary and Denis lived. Will continue to share anything I find.  Appreciate,  Jude

    Monday 6th June 2016, 08:23PM
  • Roger:  Sorry I posted response twice.  Still learning site.  Just went back and looked again at the copies I have on my computer and I realized I'm conflating the two Edwards and I think my aunt did too.  But how did she know???  Anyway, it's the July 11 Edward who was baptized in Glenade.  And the August Edward is not a parish register, but the civil recording. And the latter is the entry that has their home location, carney, Sligo, Ireland. And that this is accurate is also family tradition.  Some cousins actually traveled there about a decade ago.  Yet, our aunt picked up the grandparents from the 11 July baptism.  Would the birth possibly have been officially registered later than the actually birth and baptism?  Could these to sets of child/parents with identical names actually be the same people?   Baptized in July.  Registered with government in August?  Is such a thing common?  Also found that Ancestry now brings up a number of summary only entires for McSharries born in Carney in the 1860s so their may have been a number of families there then, although by the 1901 census I think only Gallaghers remain of family names.  I think I'm confused. J

    Monday 6th June 2016, 09:06PM
  • Jude:

    A birth was supposed to be recorded within 30 days so a July baptism and August civil record is not unusual. Depending where they lived, it may have been a major effort to get to the nearest town where there was a registrar usually the local doctor. 

    The Griffiths was conducted in Sligo about 1857 and published in 1858. That was about 60% or so thru the process. The province of Ulster was surveyed last.


    Tuesday 7th June 2016, 09:46PM
  • Roger:  Thank you for clarifying that the competing dates for Edward's birth could be for the very same child.  They have been troublling me for a long time.  Good to have that settled.

    Now, about Denis.  I looked at our sources again.  The birth record that shows he is my great uncle indicates February 1871 as his birth in Carnay.  But the 1901 and 1911 Census for the Denis living with Mary, and later Patrick, in Murranfad do not correspond with this.  They both indicate that his birth was in approximately 1875. I tend to trust this estimate  since the same appropriate age for this birth year was on censuses ten years apart.  So I think I've learned that there was at least one additional child, Denis, born in 1871  a year or so after another son, John who is in the US censuses.  I can not find a death record for this Denis yet, but that's my best guess.  That our Denis died.  And that the slightly younger Denis who remained alive was born to another McSharry who remained in Mullanfad.  What do you think of this?



    Friday 10th June 2016, 10:07PM

    There is an 1874 Denis McSharry birth in Leitrim and an 1877 in Sligo but neither are your family. For whatever reason, I think the Denis understated his age in the 1901 and 1911 censuses.



    Name:Denis McShareyDate of Birth:13-Jul-1877
    Date of Baptism:15-Jul-1877Address:BallyconnellParish/District:DRUMCLIFFEGender:MaleCountyCo. Sligo
    Denomination:Roman Catholic
    Father:TerenceMother:Anna KilmartinOccupation:

    Name:Denis MacSharryDate of Birth:
    Date of Baptism:15-Jul-1874Address:GeskanaghParish/District:KILLARGUE ROMAN CATHOLICGender:MaleCountyCo. Leitrim
    Denomination:Roman Catholic
    Father:Michael MacSharryMother:Mary Monohan
    Sponsor 1 /
    Informant 1:Thomas DevanySponsor 2 /
    Informant 2:Bridget McSharey

    Saturday 11th June 2016, 06:03PM
  • Roger:  I don't quite understand.  Are you saying that the Denis in Mullanfad tis likely the 1874 birth in Killargue with a Mary mother?  

    Monday 13th June 2016, 10:37PM
  • No. The 1871 Denis is your ancestor and he understated his age in the censuses.

    Tuesday 14th June 2016, 02:39PM