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Hello again everyone,


I have attached two maps showing the distance from Tipperary to Cork.

My father always said that Our O'Connors came from Cork. The generation of the O'Connor I sent in my previous post 

may have descended from an O'Connor living in Cork as the next generation back. 


If we imagine that Edward's father named their first born son after HIS father that would mean  the following names of the previous generation

First born girl after 




Patrick O'Connor/Connors/McCarthy married Catherine (would have been Mary O'Farrell's mother)

Their family may have been raised in Cork, Ireland



Please contact me John O'Connor from N.Z.



iF ANYONE could help connect our Tipperary O'Connors to Cork that would be AMAZING!







O'CONNORS from Tipperary/Cork

Friday 23rd Sep 2022, 08:24AM

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