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James Larkin - born in Borrisokane in 1837

Hello, My name is Ray Dundon,and i am searching for information on my great-great-grandfather James Larkin - born in Borrisokane in 1837. His father's name  was William. he emigrated to Australia in 1857, leaving Liverpool in "The Tantivy" on February 25th. Any information on the family would be very gratefully received. Thank you




Tuesday 13th November 2018, 10:03AM

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  • Hi Ray,

    Here is a record from which looks like your James. Don't be too concerned about the slight discrepancy in the year as there was a lot inaccuracy due to illiteracy or people simply not knowing their birth year.

    Name:James LarkinDate of Birth:
    Date of Baptism:29-Apr-1835Address:BokParish/District:BORRISOKANEGender:MaleCountyCo. Tipperary
    Denomination:Roman Catholic
    Father:William LarkinMother:Catherine DelanyOccupation:
    Sponsor 1 /
    Informant 1:Tim Hogan Sponsor 2 /
    Informant 2:Mary Callenon 

    Did he happen to name his second daughter Catherine - that would help as, if he followed the irish naming pattern in naming his children then the second daughter would have been named after the father's mother.


    Name:Michael LarkinDate of Birth:
    Date of Baptism:20-Sep-1829Address:BokParish/District:BORRISOKANEGender:MaleCountyCo. Tipperary
    Denomination:Roman Catholic
    Father:William LarkinMother:Catherine Donnelly'

    Name:Elizabeth LarkinDate of Birth:
    Date of Baptism:13-May-1832Address:BokParish/District:BORRISOKANEGender:FemaleCountyCo. Tipperary
    Denomination:Roman Catholic
    Father:William LarkinMother:Catherine DonnellyOccupation:
    Sponsor 1 /
    Informant 1:Pat Canning Sponsor 2 /
    Informant 2:Mary Renehan

    I couldn't find the parents' marriage

    If you search for Larkin in Tipperary in the Tithe Applotments you'll find a few Williams amongst the results (free at You might check Donnelly also to see if any were close by.

    No luck in the Irish Censuses; there are no Tipperary records until 1851 & no Larkins





    Wednesday 14th November 2018, 04:19AM
  • Thank you Col, 

    That is good information and references for follow up, Thank you so much.

    There is some doubt about the year of James's birth anyway. His Obituary records his birth year as 1837. The shipping records have him aged 21 when he arrived in June of 1857 - equating to a birth year of 1836.

    He married Jane Gurry from Summerhill in Co Meath on 6/8/1864 - aged 27. There is no mention of a daughter called Catherine. His children were Mary Matilda (my great-grandmother) born in 1866; Michael Patrick; William James (I am not sure of the dates of birth for these two children); Esther Mary - born 1871; Bessie - born 1873; Patrick - born 1877; Jane Bridget - born 1879; Anne - born 1881; Margaret - born 1882; and Rose - born 1885. I am not sure whether these names fit with the Irish naming pattern or not. 

    So, once again, Col, thank you very much. I have more to go on with now.

    Kind regards

    Ray Dundon 


    Wednesday 14th November 2018, 09:26AM