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Hi Tim; I was re-reading your piece on 'Toor to Loran' and the original families involved in the move. You mention john Kennedy was active in the initial stages along with his brother Dr Henry Kennedy and also Patrick Hogan. My understanding is John & Henry's father was John Kennedy (1843-1916) and their grandfather was "Big Peter". I have come across various references to 'Big Peter' Kennedy. I assume he was a "Glencroe" Kennedy but I have been unable to tie him in with other Kennedys in the area including maybe 'Long Andrew'?  Can you perhaps help fill in some gaps?   Pat Morgan -Tucson




Monday 24th April 2017, 08:56PM

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  • Dear Pat:


    Many thanks for your post to the Ireland Reaching Out message board and welcome to the site.

    I am sending Tim an email to alert him to your post.  The Bournea Reaching out committee has done a lot of great work and I'm glad that you have been able to access their many resources. 

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    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Tuesday 25th April 2017, 04:11PM
  • Hi Pat

    Thank you for reading the Toor to Loran story.I feel like I know you as I have come across your correspondence about “The famous Long Andrew Kennedy” many times. Your query on Big Peter Kennedy is an interesting one. Unfortunately, I don’t know if he is the same Kennedy’s as Long Andrew. It is difficult to understand why all the Kennedy families shouldn’t be related in some way or other in Toor but tying them together or disproving their relationship is proving to be very difficult. What I do know from my uncle Fr Rody’s Book and notes is that my Kennedy lineage came from Foilduff originally. That’s not to say they weren’t related to Long Andrew or the Kennedys of Glencrow. I have met several people over the years that have different opinions on the subject since Fr Rody had his book published in 1999.

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    Tim Lee


    Bournea, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 8th May 2017, 10:45PM