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Hi folks, as detailed in previous posts I have ancestors from Cahir. I found a video online about Michael Cleary from Cahir. I am posting the link here as other Cleary people may of not seen it. Copy and paste the link into your browser.


Im not sure if Michael is related to my line. He probably is, but I need to dig deeper.


Monday 30th September 2019, 03:37PM

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  • Hi Tom,Thanks to MadIrish who posted the link to the video. I loved this video the first time I viewed it, so now I've saved the link. I'm looking at a couple of Cahir death certificates. My great great grandmother's 1875 death certificate states 'Wife of Steward' and my great great grandfather's death certificate in 1888 states Caretaker. Where would his place of work be? Kind Regards, Kerry



    Kerry Campbell

    Saturday 30th May 2020, 01:39AM