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I've enjoyed reading your very detailed responses to people's posts and note that your own name is Hussey. I'm from Australia and I have a ggmother Elizabeth Hussey who was the child of James Hussey and Rosanna Freney.  I don't know where James was from but wonder if it means anything to you?

Thanks, Mary Ross


Saturday 15th June 2013, 02:41AM

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  • Hello Tom!  I have only just found your response to my email and can't believe I sent it in 2013!!  I was reading some of your replies recently and thinking it odd you had never replied to my query.  Just went hunting back through old posts and what should I find!  Thanks so much!  I'm not sure if Rosanna was born in Australia or Ireland.  I must look into it some more.  Interesting that there are lots of Husseys in Galway.  I presume you don't know what became of your James?  I must look into it all some more.  I've been working on another family a lot lately (Carmody, Kilfinny, Co Limerick) and also my husband's family (O'Brien) who do seem to have originated in Tipperary but I can't be sure which O'Briens they belong to!  John O'Brien married Catherine Donegan in Kilteely Co Limerick but he is listed as coming from Tipperary. They raised their family in Knockgreana, Old Pallas. There are about 8 different O'Brien family groups in Old Pallas alone but none seem to be his.  I believe he was previously married to 'the widow Mulqueen" but have not found any record of that marriage.  Do you know anything about O'Briens from Tipperary?  An area called Seskin comes up in some enquiries. I'm not sure of its relevance or even whether it's in Co. Limerick or Co. Tipperary.  Any suggetions you could come up with would be most appreciated!  We're coming over to Ireland in about 3 weeks and will be spending a month in the Limerick/Tipp area.




    Thursday 2nd June 2016, 09:49AM