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Shane:  My grandfather is Patrick Francis Beary. My mother tells me that you and Karen are both highly active on the family research. I'm the daughter of Patricia Clare Beary, my mother being the youngest of Patrick's children. I think Karen has seen my mother fairly recently at Pam's? There are three of us: Christopher John McPherson, self, and David Campbell. My older brother sees Kieran Beary quite regularly. I'm in regular contact with Antonia Beary (Jo Beary's daughter).

Let me know how far you've got. I have seen Dan Williams family tree on Ancestry which takes the Barrys back further: grandfather's maternal line. I have emailed Dan. Presumably he's linked to Pam? My mother didn't recognise his name.

Margaret Ann Barry's parents were Eugene Barry and Mary Flynn. Mary was the daughter of Tobias Flynn and Annie O'Brian. You probably know all of this already.

Did the Bearys live in accommodation in the Garnavilla House estate somewhere?

I did come across, sorry to say, some magistrates' appearances (and a brief stint, age 11, in the local jail) for James Beary who seemed to like alcohol rather young.



Saturday 31st January 2015, 03:22PM

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