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I am searching for details of ancestors and decendants of the the O'Donnell and Franklin family.

The O'Donnell / Franklin families lived in Caher / (Upper Abbey Area) in the 1800 - 1900's.  John O'Donnell (Father was Labourer) married Bridget Franklin (Father 'Smith') I understand this to be Blacksmith, in September 1875 in The Chapel of Cahir.   They had a large family 3 Girls and 3 or 4 boys.  All were Roman Catholic.  I have looked at the 1901 and 1911 Irish Census and found a family that could be the correct one! but need help in this as I have been searching for many years and not found a solution.

I do have some names of the children.

I was delighted to find your website, especially being able to actually refer to Caher.  I have always spelt it Cahir  -  which one is correct?


Thank you from England



Sunday 2nd June 2013, 05:57PM

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  • Abraham1:

    I believe Cahir is correct but in the past the town was called Caher. See link:


    I assume this is the 1901 census record that you located.

    I did not locate the family in the 1911 census.

    If your John and Bridget were married in 1875, you would expect that they would have children closer to 20 but the oldest child was 16 in the census record. In any event if this is the family, you may want to get a birth record for the youngest child Richard (age 6 in the census). I found a birth index record for a Richard O'Donnell born in early 1895 for the Clogheen registration district (which includes Cahir). You could contact the GRO to get a copy of the record. You need to fill out their form provide the quarter/year of registration, the registration district and the volume and page number.

    Roger McDonnell


    Name: Richard O'Donnell
    Event Type: Birth
    Event Date: Apr - Jun 1895
    Event Place: Clogheen, Ireland
    Registration Quarter and Year: Apr - Jun 1895
    Registration District: Clogheen
    Birth Year (Estimated):  
    Mother's Maiden Name:  
    Volume Number: 4
    Page Number: 486


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 2nd June 2013, 11:06PM
  • Hello Tom

    Thank you for your information.

    Regretably I have not been able to reply to your message as I have been very busy, (although still trying to find the elusive missing relatives) !!  I did reply to your message but sent my reply by email instead of message.!

    Bridget's father on her marriage certificate was William Franklin (not Robert)  his occupation was down as 'Smith' I assume this would mean Blacksmith, I did find out that the father of John O'Donnell was Agricultural Labourer.

    They had nine children - six living - three died.  I have been trying to trace a daughter Margaret born to them abt 1878, this information was given by the Paish Priest of Cahir to a friend, this date must have been either Bapt or Death.

    I did discover your Catherine O'Donnell wife of Patrick (deceased)  at 33 Tipperary Road with her family. Was Patrick brother to my Thomas O'Donnell?

    John and Bridget were still in the area in 1911 (Kilcommon) with all sons - daughters working and living in or married.  One thing that puzzles me is that on the 1901 Census all children are present with the exception of Bridget, I have searched in vain to find her - she must have left the area - but at only 11 yrs old ?





    Thursday 26th September 2013, 04:24PM
  • In relation to the franklin family I have difficulties as well. I have been looking for a Joan Franklin who was born in Caher around the turn of the century and should have been in the 1911 census, if not the 1901 one. Has anybody got any ideas?

    Brendan O'Donoghue


    Wednesday 13th November 2013, 08:06PM
  • Yes Tom, and thank you very much. Unfortunetly I can not confirm from these records if this is the Joan Franklin I am looking for, but again thank you for this info.



    Wednesday 4th December 2013, 04:14PM
  • Hi Tom,

    Knowing that you have so much information from the area, I.m sure that you are rright. Thank you very much for all the effort you have gone to, it has been a great help



    Thursday 5th December 2013, 12:36AM