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Hi again,         I'll try to type the message without accidentally posting it before I finish. I'm lookng for anyone descended from the Murphy family that lived in Cahir up to the mid 1800s. My great great grandmother (Margaret) arrived in Australia in January 1841 with her four sisters. They were all unmarried girls, Bounty immigrants. Their parents James and Elizabeth Murphy had died according to the immigration agent's record.  Their names of these girls coming to New South Wales were Margaret, Dorcas, Catherine, Jane and Joanna. From the family tree I have tentatively constructed I think they had aunts in the town of Cahir (sisters of their father) by the names of Ellenor Welsh (born around 1762), Dorcus Murphy (not sure that she married), Mary Heffernan (born perhaps around 1768), Margaret Lonergan (born perhaps around 1770), Elizabeth Heffernan (born perhaps around 1780), Joanna Slattery (born perhaps around 1786). I wish to make contact wih anyone with an interest in these names. I am hoping that the Murphy girls (aged between 26 and 18 years when they arrived in Sydney) wrote to their aunts. Perhaps a letter survives? Hopefully. At any rate I look forward to making contact with anyone interested in the family.

The Murphy family are connected with the Glengall Arms Hotel in Cahir. James Murphy (grandfather of these emigrating girls) had the lease from 1781 I think the year was.  Regards, Lyn



Lyn of the Cahir Murphies

Monday 29th Feb 2016, 06:58AM

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  • Lyn:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    I will alert our parish liaison in Caher about your message. Finding connections to Murphys back to the mid-1800s may be difficult.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 29th Feb 2016, 04:02PM
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    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for that infomation. I didn't know about Daniel O'Connell addressingg a crowd outside the Inn in 1830! My great great grandma might have been there listening. She would have been about 15 years old. Now there's a thought.

    The Slattery children are new information for me too. Thanks. I hope to make contact with the Slattery family once I am in Tipperary. I will be staying in Dundrum in a holiday cottage for 4 weeks beginning 11th June. So I will be out and about researching. I hope to make contact with you if I may. As you say you are a native of Cahir I am thinking you live there still. Is that right? I was in Cahir for a few days in 2014 when I began my search. I made contact wuth Joe Walsh then and he was most helpful. He has not replied to my January email so I am wondering if he is still working in Cahir above the Lazy Bean cafe.

    The baptism records for Catherine and John Murphy (twins born in 1786) are very revealing about family relationships. The latin is always a challenge as it is a kind of medieval latin and not exactly what is now taught. I think the John is perhaps Joanna but stand to be corrected about that.

    It is Joanna Murphy who married James Slattery in 1822 and James (perhaps Joanna's brither) is a witness. 

    One question you may be able to answer is about wills. Where do I look for people's wills?

    Many thanks. I am very appreciative of this contact. Regards, Lyn Stewart

    PS. I am posting a photograph  of my great great grandma Margaret Murphy. It was taken around 1870 in Sydney.

    Lyn of the Cahir Murphies

    Monday 7th Mar 2016, 05:00AM
  • I too am related to Murphy's from Cahir. My g-g Grandfather Martin, his brothers Mort and Joseph Brian were from there according to Joseph's obituary. They migrated to the US in the late 1840's- early 1850's. They all fought for the Union in the American civil war. According to the obituary there were 3 other brothers who fought for the South. I don't know if there is a relation between our Murphy's because as you know it's difficult to find records. Any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated. Here is a clip to the obituary.


    Wednesday 30th Mar 2016, 11:13PM
  • Hello Murphy-Keane (I can't see your actualy name on your post),

    Wow, this sounds amazing. So was it Martin Murphy, Mort Murphy and Jospeph Brian Murphy who went to America? Have you looked at the National Library of Ireland Catholic baptism records for their baptisms?

    I can't see the obituary as the link you posted requires a subscription to a newspaper web site. I already subscribe to British newspaper archives website so I'm not eager to take up another subscription. Are you able to scan and post the obituary in pdf format?

    Thanks, Lyn Stewart




    Lyn of the Cahir Murphies

    Thursday 31st Mar 2016, 03:50AM
  • I will try to attach the file (I will need my wife's help). I have looked in the records from RootsIreland. The brothers that I know about are Martin, Joseph Brien and Mortimer.  The parents were Martin and Catherine Brien. There were also a Michael and Murtagh Murphy born to a Martin Murphy and Catherine Brien. I just don't have enough information on Michael and Murtagh to be sure.


    Michael Murphy


    Friday 1st Apr 2016, 08:00PM
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    Let's try this.


    Friday 1st Apr 2016, 09:48PM

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for that clipping. Very interesting. I have found some records relating to your family in the Cahir Catholic baptism and marriage records. When I was searching the records for my family I wrote down every entry in which there was a Murphy name regardless of whether they were the main people or the witnesses/godparents.

    So this is what I have in my note books: The marriage record for Martin Murphy and Catherine O'Brien is May 1811. I don't have the exact date. The witnesses were Patrick Murphy and the Revered John Prendegast. The priest who married them was James O'Brien. So it looks like there was a priest in the family (James) and it could be that Patrick was a brother to Martin or perhaps but less likely his father.

    Baptisms: 7 April 1812, Patrick, son to Martin Murphy and Cath Brien, witnesses John Brien and Honora Morrisey. The priest again James O'Brien. So there is possibly another brother to Martin by the name of John. Since they named their first born Patrick it could suggest that Patrick was Martin's father's name!

    19 December 1818, Michael, son to Martin Murphy and Cath Murphy, witnesses Dionitius Sullivan (not sure what is the English translation of his first name) and Juda Doyal (also unsure for the name Juda) The priest J. Power.

    6 July 1822, Morty, son to Martin Murphy and Catherine Brien, witnesses Joanne Mulloney and Bridgit Burke. The priest B. McGrath.

    That's all I have for the moment because I have not gone forward in the records past 1823. I am trying to find what happened to my gggrandmother's brother James Murphy who was baptised in 1814. There is the possibility that he married Elena Brien in August 1823, witnesses Cath O'Donnell and Nicholas Keating. Priest M.Lonegan.

    Too many possibilities.

    You can check my findings my going on-line yourself through the national library of Ireland. Check if Michael as the first son might have been Martin. The writing is often difficult to read. I will let you know if I find more children of Martin and Catherine when I go forward with my search of the records.

    By the way Meaghers Irish Brigade was formed by Thomas Meagher, one of the Young Irishmen who was involved in the uprsing of the mid 1840s. He, with others, was sentenced to transportation to Tasmania. He escaped from Tasmania to America where he was hailed a hero by the Irish people who had gone to America. A big story in itself.

    All the best in your search. Regards --Lyn Stewart

    Lyn of the Cahir Murphies

    Tuesday 5th Apr 2016, 01:51AM
  • Thank you Lyn, these are wonderful. Thomas Meagher was a major hero in the Civil War and later became the first governor of Montana. Thanks for all of your hard work and good luck. 



    Saturday 28th May 2016, 05:06AM
  • Thanks again Tom and Lyn.



    Tuesday 31st May 2016, 12:09AM

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