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Hi Tom

(I am having problems sending this message, but I am trying again)

I am still searching for Bridget born 1890 Dau of John O'Donnell and Bridget Franklin on the 1901 Census, I believe I may have found her on the 1911 Census thought still not at home with her family.

The only Bridget (11)  I found on the 1901 Census was the Dau of Martin (60) and Margaret (46) O'Donnell in Monaraha Caher.  I am hoping you can help me in finding Bridget- she cannot disappear at 11 yrs old!!

I have also been to trying research the links between O'Donnell amd Halloran families!






Thursday 21st August 2014, 02:57PM

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  • Doreen

    I will let Tom know about this

    Best wishes


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    Clare Doyle

    Thursday 21st August 2014, 04:35PM
  • Tom

    I have searched in all Kilcommon and Caher in the 1901 census for Bridget.  She is only 11yrs old, where could she be- not with her family! yet all the other children are entered on the census. I even began a search for her in County Tipperary - but the task was so daunting as the name O'Donnell is like Smith in England.

    I thought she might be with her Grandad - but no luck there, or maybe with an older sister/ brother!

    I was told there was a dau Margaret born approx 1876/8 to John and Bridget, (this info was given by the last Parish Priest)  but this cannot be true as on 1911 census it states- 9 children were born - 6 were still living!

    Bridget and John were married in 1875 so three children were born /died in the following years.before son John was born in 1885.

    Apart from the website rootsireland.i.e is ther any other wesite that might be of help to me, as I have hit the 'Brick Wall'. 

    I am sure I have found her on the 1911 census (aged 19) working for a family.








    Sunday 24th August 2014, 03:20PM
  • Tom

    Thanks for the reply re Bridget.

    I have search that info and found its not 'my' the search goes on...............

    The father of Bridget Franklin (Mother to Bridget) is done as William Franklin on her Marriage Certificate -

    a Smith I assume is a Blacksmith - and not the Robert you mentioned in an earlier mail.





    Friday 29th August 2014, 04:55PM