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Since baptism records of some of the children of Timothy Farrell and Margaret Callahan have been found in Cahir Parish records, we know that this area is where the family resided until 6 may 1840 when they set sail from Cork bound for the Port of Quebec; arriving there in good health they then proceeded to an area in Lambton County Ontario Canada where the ister nof Timothy resided with her husband Simon Casey and their children.

No record of the marriage of Timothy and Margaret ahs been located in available records in this area of Ireland and the baptism records of some of their seven children have also not been located.

The family has thrived in North America since their arival here and are now spread out through Canada and USA.

Raymond Farrell

Saturday 14th February 2015, 10:11PM

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  • Raymond:

    I checked the Roots Ireland indexes and I located 4 of the 7 baptismal records and as you indicated the marriage record is not on Roots either.

    Roots does not have all the South Tipperary parishes online so since the marriage would have occurred in the bride's parish maybe the records for that parish are not online and may not exist pre-1830. 

    The same issue may be a reason for not finding the other baptismal records or possibly the Cahir records have some gaps which is common back to that time period.

    Later this summer the National Library of Ireland plans to put the RC parish registers online for free searching. I would look at the Cahir records and maybe parishes close to Cahir to see if you can locate the missing records.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 15th February 2015, 01:21AM
  • Thank you for the information Rogerr. I will check the National Library of Ireland later this summer to see if anything has popped up which may help me in my searches. Your suggestion about the Bride's parish may be helpful and may also show the baptism record of my great-grandfather William who was the eldest child born to Timothy and Margaret Callahan; his date of birth according to our information here is May 5, 1821.

    Raymond Farrell

    Saturday 21st February 2015, 04:20PM
  • Tom:

    Great response. Hopefully, Raymond sees it. If not, I will ask Clare Doyle to send him an e-mail.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 26th February 2015, 01:28AM
  • This information is very interesting Tom, and I'm sure will be very useful in furthering my research which has been stopping and starting sporatically since I retired in 1998. Most of my research has been limited to finding records of the splintered family which emigrated to the US one by one starting in 1850. My results there have been very successful and I was fortunate to locate distant cousins who shared the same passion for family research. The reconnected link continues to this day with many visits back and forth between the families.

    Thanks again for your assistance.

    Ray Farrell (3rd generation Canadian)

    Raymond Farrell

    Wednesday 11th March 2015, 03:29PM
  • Hello Raymond - I believe you have corresponded with my mother - Madeline Farrell Matuszeski who lives in Wisconsin.  Thank you for all of your efforts on the family genealogy.  I will be in Ireland this next summer, and I am wondering if you would have any points of interest related to the Farrells in Caher, or other areas...  Would the cemetary of the St. Mary's Church be the right one to go to?  THANK YOU - Noreen

    Noreen Rueckert

    Thursday 9th March 2017, 03:12AM
  • Hello Noreen.

    Wish I was going with you to Ireland. THe only time we have been there was in 2002 and at that time we met with Phyllis McCarthy from Cork and Marian Dennehy who took us on a short tour of Cahir. I have not been in touch with them since that time. They pointed out an area where they thought the family may have lived in Cahir but there have been so many changes over the years that they couldn't be sure. We visited two cemeterys in Cahir and spent a lot of time looking for information on the old tombstones with no results.

    Sorry I can't be of more help, but I'm sure you will enjoy Cahir. Don't miss a tour of the castle there, and the Cahir House is a great place for a good meal.


    Raymond Farrell

    Tuesday 2nd May 2017, 07:48PM
  • Helo Tom

    The information you provide has once again peaked my interest. We know that my grandfather's younger brother John Farrell who was an immigration agent for the Canadian government made several trips to England, one of them being inJanuary of 1914 interviewing potential immigrants to Canada to judge their suitability to be settlers in Ontario.

    I suspect that since he made so many trips to that part of the world he may have on at least one occassion traveled to Cahir to meet with distant relatives.

    I would be very grateful if you, on one of your visits to Cahir could  ascertain whether any of the Farrells there wouold be interested in communicating with me at my email address: to explore possible connection to our families.

    Best regards.

    Ray Farrell

    Raymond Farrell

    Friday 5th May 2017, 06:49PM
  • I have been searching through some online microfilm records and have found a record for a Farrell baptism (Microfilm 02461/01 Page 47 October 11, 1795) that due to the faint image and likely the Latin use of the name I am unable to determine if it is the information I am seeking. Can anyone help me with this?


    Raymond Farrell

    Saturday 13th May 2017, 05:33PM