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Hi Tom,

Thanks for your email.

I don't have any contact with the Shortis' in Caher. I'm currently working trying to ascertain Patrick Shortis' parents, Patrick married Johanna Rourke in Cahir Parish 27 Nov 1824. I have found baptism certificates for a Patrick Shortis & Johanna Rourke in 1792, but that would make them both 32 years old when married? Because of the missing Caher Parish records the next baptism for a Patrick Shortis is 1810, too late for a 1824 marriage. I have a death certificate from roots ireland for Patrick Shortis 30/41879 for a 74 year old Patrick, he was a railway employee which does coincide with Patrick's youngest son Thomas that died in Victoria in 1911 and the family cited his father was Patrick Shortis railway employee, and mother Johanna Rourke. I'm in the process of ordering a government certificate/photocopy of the actual death entry to see if parents are noted.

Lonergans are married to Shortis' but at this stage not my direct line, but I am also working sideways to completed the jigsaw.

Thanks again.



Kerry Campbell

Sunday 27th October 2013, 01:44AM

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  • Hi Kerry,

    There is a record of the marriage of Patrick & Joanna 1824 in Tipperary on; assumedly this will have their fathers' names on it.


    ColCaff, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 27th October 2013, 06:44AM
  • Hi Col,

    Unfortunately it doesn't because this was before Civil Registration. I do have the Church Record of Marriage. The witnesses are Peter White & James (Jacob) Rourke. James could be either a father or brother. Mary Rourke was godmother to their 4th child James. A C.O'Rourke was godparent to their 8th child Margaret. A William O'Rourke was godfather to their 9th child.

    If they have named their children according to Irish tradition, and their 4 sons that migrated to Australia certainly did, Patrick's parent's should be John & Johanna Shortis and Johanna's (nee Rourke) parents names should be James & Catherine Rourke.

    Thanks for your thoughts,


    Kerry Campbell

    Sunday 27th October 2013, 07:59AM
  • There is a lovely man in Kilkenny i believe his name is Pat Shortis in his 80s .

    He plays the Saxophone and Whistles Bird Love songs at the Kitchen Sessions in Pub .

    hIS son also plays music.

    Thomas Codd

    Sunday 27th October 2013, 02:12PM
  • That's interesting because my grandfather Michael Shortis grandson of the Patrick Shortis I mentioned, was very musical & played the piano, fiddle and squeezebox and used to play music in the evenings with his two sisters singing in the early 1900's.

    Thanks Thomas.



    Kerry Campbell

    Sunday 27th October 2013, 11:43PM
  • Hi Thomas,

    Thank-you for your message last year regarding Pat Shortis. I am really interested. Time passes too quickly.

    I would like to post a letter to the Pat Shortis you mentioned regarding Shortis family history. I'm not sure if he would be able to fill in any gaps, but I would like to try.

    I've googled 'Kitchen Sessions pub in Kilkenny' & 'The Kitchen Session Kilkenny' facebook page has popped up. Is this the place you referred to in your post?

    I've tried to locate Patrick Shortis of Kilkenny in the online phone book

    I found a Pat Shortis at 54 Newpark Kilkenny. If you think this could be the Pat Shortis mentioned, I'll post a letter?

    Any information you could provide would be appreciated.

    Kind Regards,



    Kerry Campbell

    Monday 24th February 2014, 01:49AM
  • Patrick Shortis was my G.G.G. grandfather, I am descended from his son John. I will be staying a night in Cahir in early Sept. Is there anyone there who could help me with details of Patrick and his parents etc. Would Thomas Codd be available?.




    Monday 16th June 2014, 11:20AM
  • Hi Denise, Just working through your messages. I'm not sure if there is anyone that could help. I've always been advised to research here first. Tom, the administrator, of this Caher web page may be able to assist. Email Tom at Caher Administration. Good Luck & let me know how you go? I checked my emails to email Kathleen, also a descendant of John Shortis, and read your message. I'll delay emailing Kathleen until you reply? Are you in Melbourne?



    Kerry Campbell

    Tuesday 17th June 2014, 03:55AM
  • Tom,

    If you have the time and it won't put you out it would be lovely to meet you .We expect to arrive in Cahir mid afternoon around 2pm on Friday 5th Sept. Staying a night in Carrigeen Castle B&B. We will leave the next day for Galway.

    regards Denise


    Wednesday 18th June 2014, 02:59AM
  • Hello Tom,

    That is very kind of you.

    Hope you're keeping well.


    Kerry Campbell

    Wednesday 18th June 2014, 04:22AM
  • Hi Denise,

    Good Luck with your visit. I wish I was going too. I'll keep Carrigeen Castle B&B in mind.



    Kerry Campbell

    Wednesday 18th June 2014, 04:26AM
  • Hi Tom,

    Lucky Denise. I wish it was me travelling to Ireland and having the assistance of your valued knowledge of the area, people and distant relatives.  My great grandmother Bridget Cleary born abt 1848 in Clonmel Tipperary is being a bit of a stumbling block at the moment.

    It is really good of you to assist Denise.

    From weather reports you seem to be having a good summer.

    Take Care.



    Kerry Campbell

    Monday 4th August 2014, 03:39AM
  • Tom:

    Kerry Campbell posted this note as a new message earlier today. I hope I have posted this link to the correct Shortis message.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 10th April 2016, 02:05PM