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I have a question which maybe Tom (Caher Tipperary) could help with because from a previous thred it seems he knew of a Mr Neary on Wellington Street. This name has cropped up in my family tree - 1911 cenus Thomas Neary (originally from Kilkenny). And in the 1901 census he was in Bansha. His parents were John Neary and Alice Direen. I've never been able to trace him beyond these census records. Do you know whether this Neary family remained in the town/locality? Any information would be a great help! Thank you!


Saturday 11th July 2015, 10:01AM

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  • Family Researcher:

    I have been in touch with Tom and he does have some information. However, he is experiencing some technical issues posting a reply. Stay tuned.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 15th July 2015, 12:43AM
  • Hello Tom. Apologies for not replying sooner. I have been away from this message board a few days and had not seen your messages, I didn't realise you were having difficulties. Thank you for persevering with messaging me and also uploading the image.

    I am very grateful for your information and that you actually have their grave stone image. I had been aware of this relation of mine but could never get beyond the census records. It is amazing to think you actually knew them, and that you knew Thomas snr was born in Callan. From what I had gathered in the 1901 census Thomas snr had been working in Bansha as a coachman for an Edmond Murphy. I'm guessing he went on to marry a lady who was also working in the house, Margaret Tracy. Sad to see he was quite young when he died and left a young family. 

    You paint a nice picture of the Nearys in the 50's; it is interesting to think Michael was a postman. I have been able to look up the house location on google street view, thank you. Is it the corner cottage right next to the national school? It is nice to think I can go to Cahir and see their home and vist their grave. Thank you for this. Although I never knew them I do value family.

    I do have a few questions if you can help: Do you know whether John Neary (b. about 1905) had a family? I'm guessing, as he is buried in the family plot, that he did not marry. Also Thomas jnr (b. about 1906) is not mentioned on the grave stone. Would you know anything more of him?

    I suppose now you have me wondering if you know anything further about Mary Ann and daughter Ann Higgs? If Mary Ann passed away in Spain does that mean she was living there? Could Ann Higgs still be alive?

    If it would be more appropriate perhaps I could email you rather than putting further details up on the open forum if it possibly relates to living people. Is there a private message facility here? 

    Quite delighted you know so much! Thank you again for your assistance Tom, I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge.

    (Also thank you Roger for your message keeping me updated.)


    Wednesday 22nd July 2015, 12:30AM