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My 3xGGF and 3xGGM were Letitia Lonergan and Jacobus Danielle Later changed to O'Donnell when his son Samuel immigrated to Malden, middlesex, MA in 1849.   At the time of birth of my 2xGF Samuel O'Donnell in 1812 they were living in Carrick On Suir Tipperary, Ireland.  Everything on this site requires knowing the Parrish so can anyone give me educated guess of the Parrish most likely to be relative in my case?  Also is there anyway to ascertain where my Jacobus O'Donnell may have been from?  I would only be able to guess both were born circa 1780 range.  One more generation of children were born to this family prior to immigration to Malden Massachusetts in 1849.   2XGF Samuel O'Donnell who married Marie Power in 1835 as inscribed on town wall of Carrick on Suir.  Michael Samuel (1846) and Leticia or Lucretia O'Donnell (1844) born to Samuel O'Donnell and Marie Power.  I have my tree on Ancestry and FamilyTreeDna and *Gedmatch and My Heritage and Family


Sunday 13th Mar 2022, 01:26PM

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  • I located some Catholic baptisms that seem to fit the family you describe in your post, not in Carrick-on-Suir but the town and parish of Cahir which is located about 40km (~ 25 miles)  west of Carrick-on-Suir and also on the back of the river Suir. No sign that I saw of a Samuel but several other children - e.g. Johannem (John) 1811, Gulielmum (William) 1818, Michaelem (Michael) 1820, Elizabeth 1823, Ellen 1828 & Jacobum (James) 1832 - parents to these are all Jacobi/James Donnell/O'Donnell & Maria/Mary Lonergan

    The registers can be viewed on the National Library of Ireland website - see : Cahir Co. Tipperary RC Registers

    Might be worth browsing through these to see if there's a baptism for Samuel .. it's possible his baptism was recorded on a page that's now faded or damaged, or possibly difficult to read so missed out on the transcriptions

    Let me know if you want me to post links to each of the baptisms I mentioned...



    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 20th Mar 2022, 03:23PM
  • just spotted 'your' Samuel - baptised Carrick on Suir RC parish as 'Dannele' - 8th June 1812, see the right hand page about two thirds down.

    I didn't see any siblings in the same parish.. will update here if I locate any...

    There's no detailed residence recorded, e.g. townland, just the parish i.e. Carrik on Suir. The Catholic parish covered a number of civil parishes - Carrick, Clonegam & Newtownlennan - if you want to narrow down the area for any future posts I'd suggest using 'Carrick' (Tipperary)'

    Parts of the town of Carrick on Suir south of the river were in Co. Waterford and called Carrickbeg.


    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 20th Mar 2022, 03:36PM

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