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I am hoping for information about the O’Meara family. John O’Meara is my g g grandfather. He was born about 1833 in the Barony of Upper Ormond, parish of Aghnameadle, village of Toomevara, Co. Tipperary. He immigrated to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada where he married Ellen Kinsella.  I would like to work back from John. I believe his father’s name was Michael but that’s about all Any help is greatly appreciated!


Saturday 19th May 2018, 12:31AM

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  • Hi Deidre,

    There are 10 birth/baptism records of JohnO'Meara + surname variants Tipperary 1833 + - 5 years on but this is the only 1 from Toomevara:

    Name:John MearaDate of Birth:
    Date of Baptism:03-Jul-1832Address:ElmhillParish/District:TOOMEVARAGender:MaleCountyCo. Tipperary
    Denomination:Roman Catholic
    Father:Michael MearaMother:Ellen GleesonOccupation:
    Sponsor 1 /
    Informant 1:Tom Meara Sponsor 2 /
    Informant 2:Peggy Gleeson 

    Unfortunately I couldn't find a marriage for these parents on roots. 

    If they were R C, you could try the R C registers which are free to search at Parish name Toomevara will bring up marriages from 1830 - if John was the first or second child they could have married in 1830


    ColCaff, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 19th May 2018, 09:51AM
  • Hi, The marriage record in Canada says.....
    Date 14 Feb 1859 
    Father...... Michael
    Mother .......Julia Madden



    Sunday 20th May 2018, 10:20AM

    Thank you Col and Margot! I’m not sure about the Gleeson connection but I found a little information about Michael O’Meara and Julia Madden after they immigrated to Canada.  Michael opened the first post office in Navan (in Canada)-the name chosen by Michael after Navan, Meath. The streets of Fairgreen and Trim Rd  are named for streets in his home parish. I found this information at  So I guess my next step will take me to 1804 Navan, Co. Meath. The date I found for the marriage between he and Julia Madden is about 1820. Thank you so much!  Deidre 






    Monday 21st May 2018, 08:05PM
  • Hi, 
    Toomevara, means "The Tombs of the O'Meara's"
    My Grandmother, Ellen O'Meara, her family were from there, they moved up to Monsea, this was where she was born.
    At the time of John's birth in 1833, there are in the Tithe records a John, William, Stephen, Rody (Roger) and James O'Meara/Meara in different townlands. Can't find a Michael.

    Have you watched the film "Braveheart" It was filmed at TRIM Castle.
    We always call into Trim on the way back for the ferry to the UK, lovely town.
    In July we will be in Athy, County Kildare for a Bluegrass Festival, on our way down to Nenagh where I was born, I have a few calls, I take photo's for people searching who are far away from Ireland and send them on. I will be calling at Palatine, Drom and Toomeyvara is on the way up to Nenagh so I will have a look around and take some pictures for you.
    You never know what I may find.
    I just noticed, John had a sister called Helen she was born in 1839, she married a Thomas Delancy, but it may be Delaney. 



    Tuesday 22nd May 2018, 10:20AM
  • Hi Margo,  Thank you so much for all the information and for your amazing offer to check further in person!  Wow!  How kind of you!  My husband and I were in Ireland last year and actually went to Toomevara hoping to find some information. We did find the graves of some of the people you mentioned in Borrisocane but it is a different group of O'Mearas I'm after I think.  After looking into the Canadian marriage information you sent it seems like maybe I'm looking in the wrong county altogether.  In information I found at John's dad Michael came from Co. Meath. So I've done a little digging and it seems like this may in fact be correct. I've put information here in the parishes and counties I found in the new information. I'm just so excited to have found this site!  You guys are fabulous!  And now for the biggest surprise of your message!  You are an O'Meara yourself??  My grandmother's name is Ella (Ellen Mary)!  When we were on our visit last year we stayed at the Friar's Inn in Kilarney and the owner there is also of the O'Meara family!  We also stayed a night in Trim and visited the castle too!  Really lovely!  I had no idea how close I was to where my new information is leading me.  We want to go back maybe next year so maybe by then with all the help I'm getting I'll be onto something concrete.

    Thank you so very much all your help!  Oh!  I did see Helen and indeed I believe you are right!  



    Friday 25th May 2018, 08:38PM
  • Great, glad I helped.


    Saturday 26th May 2018, 12:01PM