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Interested in information about my great-great-grandfather, Patrick T. Horan.  Patrick was born in Templederry in April of 1853.  I believe is father was William Horan and his mother was Mamy Burk.  Any help with finding information on this family would be greatly appreciated.


Thursday 17th May 2012, 04:08AM

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  • Hello,


    I have a great grandmother Mary Horan (1844-1898)  of Birr who married WIlliam Stanley (1849-1907) in Loorha. He was the son of John Stanley and Jane Carroll.

    Her parents were Patrick Horan and Judy Hardy.  I do not know anything about her siblings --if any. Mary and WIlliam went out to Philadelphia after they married in 1867. The eldest child was born in Ireland in 1868.  Any connection here? Thanks.  Josio

    PS   If you think there may be a relation I have  a picture of her.


    Thursday 17th May 2012, 01:59PM
  • Josio,  I only know of 3 of Patrick's siblings, John, Michael and Margaret.  I was able to determine Patrick's parents names from his death certificate.  It is certainly possible that your Patrick may have been related to my Patrick's father William.  I have several Horan pictures that I could compare your picture of Mary to if you'd like to send it to me.


    Thursday 17th May 2012, 02:35PM