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Hello all,

I have traced my family line in Ballyporeen back to my gggf  James Brunnock born around 1800 who married Margaret Mangan and had 6 children in the parish. My ggf Michael Brunnock was one of them, born 1839 and went on to marry Johanna McGrath in 1857. They had  11 children, one of whom was my gf Edmond Brunnock born 1879 in Dangan. Edmond married Annie Carroll in 1915 in Limerick and they had 4 children, Michael, my dad Patrick (b 1914), Nellie and Edmond  .

I believe that gggf James Brunnock's father was called William and have found an entry on the Tithe Applotments showing him with a landholding in Ballyporeen. However I have been unable to verify anything further.

Coming back to more recent times, I know that on the 1901 and 1911 census that Johanna McGrath Brunnock was still living on Main Street after her husband Michael's death in 1892 and my grandad Edmond shows up with her on the 1901 return and her oldest child James on the 1911 return.

Quite a large number of this family emigrated to Chicago around the turn of the century, definitely Patrick (b 1882), John (b.1870) and Mary b. 1873) I think at least 2 other daughters (Catherine and Johanna) went too.

My great grandparents Johanna and Michael also had a daughter called Ellen and I believe she married an O'Connell and appears on both censuses on Chapel St, Ballyporeen.

They had a son called Michael (b.1864) who married Johanna O'Connell and he stayed in Tipp, appearing on the 1901/11 census returns living in Tubrid


Does anyone out there have anay connections to the family? I would love to hear from you!


Best wishes, Pat Varey (nee Brunnock)


Wednesday 23rd July 2014, 10:57PM

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  • Dear Pat

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    Unfortunately we don?t yet have a volunteer in Templetenny. If anyone has any info for you though, they can contact me at and I will pass to your private email address for you

    Best wishes

    Clare Doyle

    Best wishes

    Genealogy Support 

    Clare Doyle

    Monday 28th July 2014, 11:46AM
  • Hello Pat, Via IRELAND XO, in researching my lineage I have learned there was a Johanna McGrath born to Pat McGrath and Mary Casey and baptised 10Jul1830 in "Galbally and Aherlow, Limerick and Tipperary, Ireland"; she was the elder sister to my great grandmother Ellen (1849-1913).  Might the Johanna be the same?  Some of the names you noted are repeated my my McGrath ancestry.  Happy to collaborate if there is a link.  Regards, Hattie


    Tuesday 26th April 2016, 04:38PM
  • Hello Hattie - 


    Would love to collaborate with you - there might be something we share My email address is nzvareys@yahoo.conz


    Drop me a line and we can take it from there?


    Looking forward to hearing from you :)


    Cheres, Pat 


    Tuesday 26th April 2016, 08:52PM
  • Hello

    I recently traced a branch of my family tree to my ggggm Ellen Brunnock, born around 1805, who married Philip Browne at Araglin February 8, 1929. I wonder if Ellen is sister or cousin to Pat's gggf James Brunnock born around 1800.

    Ellen Brunnock and Philip Browne had 8 children that I know of. Their daughter Margaret (born Doon December 22, 1844) is my gggm. She married John Clohessy February 3, 1870. 

    Margaret Browne and John Clohessy had 10 children that I know of. I believe all but two of their children immigrated to New Haven, CT. Their daughter Mary (born Croughkeal February 15, 1877) is my ggm. She stayed in Tipp and married Denis Richardson in Clogheen October 28, 1902. They had 6 children and lived in Ballylooby. Four of their children came to New Haven, CT and New York City. Two stayed in Tipp - Denis and Phil Richardson.



    Saturday 30th April 2016, 05:15AM
  • Hello lIz,


    This is wonderful news and I'm really glad to make your acquaintance! I know this family and have connections via a couple of cousins to the line  There is a full family tree with all its branches on Ancestry and I can put you in touch with the owner if you would like me to?  The difficulty I have is that going back to these early 1800 dates the records which woudl clarify my connection to it just aren't there for corroboration :(   

    I would love to correspond with you though, because I may have info that would help you in your search, and vice versa 


    The theory (at the moment) is that Ellen (who married Philip Brown)  was the sister of Patrick Brunnock of Doon/Araglin Ellen is buried (or at least mentioned) on a gravestone of her son John Brown in Shanrahan cemetery. It states she is his mother, Then also on that same gravestone there are the names of Thomas Brunnock,(who was the above Patrick Brunnock's son)  his wife Bridget and their son Edward who was killed in WW1.


    Let's correspond!! This is exciting :)     my email address is  -


    Cheers, Pat


    Saturday 30th April 2016, 09:49PM