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I am a decendent of Cornelius A'Hern (b. ca1798 - d. 1869 Wyoming County, NY). His grave marker in Java N.Y lists

his birth place as Ballypooreen but I believe that I found him in the Town of Araglin in the 1823 and 1824 tithe records.

Since this is right on the border of County Cork and County Waterford I am uncertain of where to look for Church Records.

This Townland also does not seem to be listed in any of the standard Townland lists although it existed in the 1800's and

is still on the maps today.  Cornelius married Ellen Noonan who I believe was from Clonmel. (I have a possible church

record of her baptism.) They married in Ireland and had several children there before going to Canada sometime in the early 1830's. (Mary, Johanna and Patrick) My GGrandmother, Margaret, was born in Montreal although I have been unable to

find her Baptismal record. There was another son, John, born in Montreal who died as an infant. Cornelius stayed in Canada

until the early to mid 1840's when he went to Wyoming County, New York (Town of China, later changed to Arcade). He purchased land and had a very successful farm. His son, Patrick took over the farm on his death. 

His Oldest daughter, Mary, married a Garrett Fitzmorris and lived in Weathersfield, NY.

The next Daughter, Johanna, married Joseph Carr and lived in Buffalo, NY with their large family. When Margaret married Terence Cosgrove in 1853 they initially lived with her sister.

There was a John O'Hern who had a farm near that of Cornelius in NY but I have not determined their relationship although Patrick was sponsor at one of John's childrens' baptism.

I would like to find birth, marriage and children's baptismal records for this family. Also would like any info on programs that would have promoted them going to Canada. Free passage, free land etc.

Thanks for any help!



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Wednesday 24th June 2015, 11:58PM

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  • Dear Monica

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    Have you already had a look on for any records of the family?

    As with most emigration programmes, adopted countries were more concerned with who was entering their their country that the British authorities were in recording who was leaving Ireland. This is why it will be the adopted country that will hold the information, like Castle Garden/Ellis Island in the US, for example. For Canada Library and Archives CAnada will provide further information

    Best wishes

    Clare Doyle

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    Clare Doyle

    Friday 2nd October 2015, 02:34PM