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Looking for confirmation of birth Francis Irvin b 1852


Hello from U.S.A.

is there anyone who can look up a baptism record for Francis Irvin . March 28 1852. Place: kilskeery, Tyrone. Parish: kilskeery , trillick. Diocese : clogher.  

The record does not show parents. I want to confirm if they are John Irvin and Ellen ? Mc carron

Francis was born March 21 1852. Immigrated to U. S. A. July 16 1866 in New York departing from Glasgow 

Since there is a baptism record, can I find a "birth"record for Francis in Kilskeery?

Are there records of Irvin's living in kilskeery in 1852? His father was John and his mother was Ellen. Is there a resource I can write to? I think this is my family's link to where our Ireland roots are from.  Francis mother Ellen and Francis left for USA in 1866. I believe his father John left before them.  




Tuesday 16th May 2017, 12:43AM

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  • Here’s a link to the image of the record. It appears the priest only recorded the child’s name and the 2 sponsors. No parents names. (Several other entries nearby are the same).



    Tuesday 16th May 2017, 07:47AM

    Thank you kindly Elwin. Do you know if there are birth records in the parish? im trying to find out if Francis's parents were John and Ellen . Are there records of people living in the town at that time? Is there some where i can write to for research. 

    Thank you, 




    Tuesday 16th May 2017, 08:12PM
  • Dawn,

    Birth registration only started in Ireland in 1864 so, sadly there are no birth records for someone born in 1852. The baptism is the only record that exists.

    There are some school attendance records for 5 different schools in Kilskeery. These are held in PRONI in Belfast. (The schools are Trillick, Victoria, Golan, Kilskeery no 1 PS and Kilskeery National.) I don’t know whether they include the school that Francis attended but you could look. Sometimes parents are named in those records.

    There are no records of residents in Kilskeery for the 1850s. (The 1851 census was destroyed). Griffiths Valuation is about the nearest thing. It was compiled in 1860 for Kilskeery and lists about 5 John Irvine (note spelling) in the parish. However that only tells you where they lived, not who they were married to etc.

    Kilskeery marriages start in 1840. I searched them for John & Ellen’s marriage but did not find it. The bride may have been from another parish and so they would likely have married there. But if so, the records don’t appear to be on-line.

    Did John & Ellen have other children who moved to the USA? Have you been able to find their baptisms?

    Here’s a list of researchers in Northern Ireland who might be able to give you advice:



    Tuesday 16th May 2017, 11:57PM