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I am searching for information re the family of William Wilson born SixMileCross, Tyrone, 1875-1880. Arrived in Phladelphia, USA 1895-1907. Married Lillie Gordon Kearney 1912. Died 1 May 1948 in Philadelphia. His death certificate lists parents as James Wilson and Margaret Anderson Wilson. James Wilson appears on 1901 and 1911 Ireland censuses as a farmer living in SixMileCross. The family was Church of Ireland. James and Margaret, married March 1871 registration district Dungannon, appear to have had 9 children: John 1871, Maria Jane 1874, Jennie 1876, Anney 1877, Anderson 1878, William 1880, Maggie 1881, Isabella 1882, Martha 1885. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Monday 10th Aug 2015, 12:42PM

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  • Hi Grannan

    Here is the birth record from

    Name:William WilsonDate of Birth:04-Dec-1875

    Registration Date:29-Dec-1875Address:CloghfinParish/District:SIXMILECROSSGender:MaleCountyTYRONE
    Father:James WilsonMother:Margaret AndersonOccupation:Farmer

    Sponsor 1 /
    Informant 1:James

    Here are his siblings from Six Mile Cross C of I (same parents):

    WilsonAnderson1878Co. Tyrone

    WilsonMary Jane1874Co. Tyrone

    WilsonMargaret1881Co. Tyrone

    Here are more from Six Mile Cross Registrar's District:

    Civil BirthWilsonAmey1877Co. TyroneCivil BirthWilsonAnderson1878Co. TyroneCivil BirthWilsonWilliam1875Co. TyroneCivil BirthWilsonMargaret1880Co. TyroneCivil BirthWilsonMaria Jane1874Co. TyroneCivil BirthWilsonEliza1873Co. TyroneCivil BirthWilsonIsabella1882Co. TyroneCivil BirthWilsonJohn1871Co. TyroneCivil BirthWilsonMartha1885Co. Tyrone

    Here is the parents' marriage:

    Date of Marriage:03-Nov-1870Parish / District:DUNGANNON

    21Status:Bachelor (Previously unmarried)
    Spinster (Previously unmarried)

    Husband's Father
    Wife's FatherName:JohnathanWilson

    Husband's Mother
    Wife's MotherName:



    Witness 1
    Witness 2Name:AdamMcMullan

    I'll have a look for parents' birth records and post again



    ColCaff, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 10th Aug 2015, 09:12PM
  • Unfortunately there are several John Andersons from Cloghfin Six Mile Cross arounf 1850 so I can't tell which is yours!

    Margaret's looks better

    Name:Margaret AndersonDate of Birth:04-Aug-1846

    Date of Baptism:10-Oct-1846Address:CavenreaghParish/District:SIXMILECROSSGender:FemaleCountyTYRONE
    Father:Thomas AndersonMother:Mary MofsgroveOccupation:Farmer



    ColCaff, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 10th Aug 2015, 09:26PM
  • Thank you so much for this! Do you know if there are any Wilson descended from this line still living in the area? I would so like to make contact with them, if possible. Agai, many thanks. Margaret Perkins


    Saturday 19th Mar 2016, 10:38AM
  • I'm afraid I couldn't find any Wilsons in the Irish phone book in Tyrone but you might want to have a look for yourself


    ColCaff, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 19th Mar 2016, 07:26PM
  • Thanks again so much for your efforts. I wonder if it would be possible to find the death information for James Wilson the father of all of these children. He is aged 60 on the 1911 Ireland Census, still living in Cloghfin, SixMileCross, Tyrone. I wonder how long after the census he lived. Soon I will begin trying to trace all of the children to see how many may have come to the US and how many may have stayed in Ireland. What is strange is that the two children, Willilam and (I think) Maria Jane who I know came to the US to Philadelphia, have different birth dates for all of their documents in the US. I think Maria Jane became Janie/Jennie M.  with a birthdate sometime in 1876. My grandfather, William, used 25 September 1880 on all his US documents and that's when we celebrated his birthday. Thanks so much, Margaret Perkins





    Sunday 20th Mar 2016, 08:26PM
  • Hello
    I think you may find some relevant information about the Wilson families in Cloughfin townland in the Sixmilecross area, on
    Wilson's Geneology
    Roots 'n boots > wilson.
    This site deals with Wilson families in Errigal Ciaran, which is the adjoining parish to Termonmaguirk., as you read through it you will find references to the Cloughfin/Termonmaguirk Wilsons...
    There maybe some desendants of the family in Pomeroy.
    Pomeroy is another adjoing parish.


    Monday 21st Mar 2016, 02:08AM
  • Thank you so much for this help. I am very grateful. Margaret Perkins



    Tuesday 22nd Mar 2016, 10:35AM

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