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James Porter married Catherine Smith in 1847 in Termonmaguirk ,Tyrone March 25 .  registered in Omagh 1847 .


immigrated to US on the ship Barbara in 1849 .

james porters father was Oliver Porter .

catherine smiths father was Thomas Smith .

I am trying to find James and catherines mothers names  and  where the family lived . I am stuck  and cannot find it anywhere .I believe they were from the Tyrone area .any help would be greatly appreciated .thank you.


Sunday 28th April 2013, 05:53PM

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    If you order a copy of the civil marriage certificate it should list the couples respective townlands which should help place their families more accurately.


    Tradition was to marry in the bride?s church. So that would be the place to look for her baptism and that of any siblings. (The church will be named on the marriage certificate).

    Ahoghill Antrim

    Sunday 28th April 2013, 06:48PM
  • Thank you so much, that was very helpful information


    Sunday 28th April 2013, 07:34PM