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Hi, I am looking for information on this couple William Fulton and Jane McLaren .  They were married probably before 1798.  William''s brother, John Fulton married Isabel Wright abt. 1785 and by 1820 John and his family were in Belmont Co., OH, USA.  William and Jane's children were : William, Isabel(Walker), Robert, Mary(Campbell), Nancy(Brown), and at least Charles(my line).  The only one to stay inTyrone Co. that I know of was Robert b 1808 and died around 1901 who married a Mary.      William, Isabel, and Charles all came to Belmont Co., OH by abt.1837.  I have a letter written by Robert and his daughter Sarah Fulton Giboney abt. 1888 to my 3rd g-grandfather Charles Fulton(.Born 1813 in Sixmilecross area,) in which they talk about Charles' son coming to visit them...and preaching in several of the community churches.  Charles married in 1836 to Jane Reed Brown of Pomeroy by Rev. William Evans.  In USA the family were Presbyterian, but I think at least Robert was a member of the Church of Ireland.  So, I don't know what church the family attended or where they are buried.

Robert Fulton's children: William(Margaret Anne Clark), Sarah died 1923(William Giboney), Robert(Jane Dunlop), and James died ?1959 in Omagh(Margaret).

Would love to communicate with Fulton family that may still live there, but also find more about William Fulton and Jane McLaren.



Jean Peters


Jean Peters Johnson

Tuesday 22nd December 2015, 08:51PM

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  • Hi Jean

    apologies for the delay in replying but it was very busy over Christmas and there are not volunteers in all parishes.

    I checked the 1901 census for a Robert Fulton and got 15 hits but one 93 year old living with his son and family stood out so may be your left behind relative. See Select 1901 census as it defaults to 1911.

    The Church of Ireland have records going back to the 1700s which they are slowly putting online and an email might find out if the Tyrone ones are available to go on line as not all records survived. See 

    The Flax Growers list of 1796 gives a number of Fultons in Tyrone but no McLarens. See 

    Also this site may have some records if you emai

    Northern Ireland records are held here 

    On the tithe applottments strangely there are no Fultons in Tyrone and I wonder if there is a slip here see 

    There are 130 Fultons in Griffiths Valuatin circa 1850s see

    As we appear to have no volunteer in the area a letter to a local newspaper may assist in finding family.

    Please feel free to ask again if this does not assist.



    St Peters Louth

    Friday 29th January 2016, 08:09PM
  • Jean


    just a useless bit of information, Termonmacguirk means the Well of McGuirk as termon is gaelic for well.



    St Peters Louth

    Friday 29th January 2016, 08:11PM

    Hi Jean 

    I have been doing some research in to my family tree and came across your post online. I believe that the William Fulton and Margaret Anne Clarke you refer to are my great great grandparents. Unfortunately I have not been able to find anything beyond Robert Fulton born in 1808, not even the name of his wife, so would be interested to know where you found the name of his wife (Mary Campbell) and his parents (William Fulton and Jane McLaren)?

    I think that several of the family are buried at Clanabogan (Church of Ireland) Co Tyrone. 

    Although I am descended from one of the family who was "left behind" unfortunately I have very little family information, and my family research is still a work in progress!

    I hope this helps a little and I look forward to hearing from you.








    Monday 11th April 2016, 08:36PM
  • Hi Nemonie,


    My Name is Jean Peters


    You can communicate using my e-mail.

    Regarding Robert and his wife Mary...the other Mary that I referred to was his sister who married a Campbell and went to Austrailia.   I have never seen your Mary's maiden name.  I have much info on the family that came to the US...and some of what I have on your Robert came from the letter he sent my 3rd g-grandfather, his brother Charles Fulton...there has been documentation and info written that their parents were William Fulton and Jane McLaren...but I haven't found anything on them in Ireland records.  I am willing to send you copies of the several page letter from about 1882 I believe.  and I have a picture of your William's brother Robert...his wife and a son.


    Would love to communicate further..


    Jean Peters

    Jean Peters Johnson

    Tuesday 12th April 2016, 05:45PM