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My ancestors came from Ireland to Newfoundland around 1800 or so. They may have been attached to the fishing industry which at the time was for short durations which however ultimately ended with many choosing to stay and settle here. I have a record of an Edmund Power leaving money in his will for the parish of Dunill. That was in 1881.  Other names are John, Michael, James, Patrick, William. Would appreciate any help.  Thanks




Sunday 4th August 2013, 02:11PM

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  • The RC parish records for Dunhill & Fenor only start in 1829 so it seems unlikely you?ll find your ancestors baptism details if they were born before that date.


    There?s quite a few Power households listed in Griffiths Valuation for Dunhill in 1850. You might want to use them as the basis for further research, perhaps ? given the fishing links ? focusing on the ones around harbours.

    There were 52 Power households in the tithe applotments for Dunhill in 1831:

    However as with Griffiths you need to bear in mind that these are not comprehensive lists of every person named Power, just heads of households, and in the case of the tithes only where the person had some land.

    Ahoghill Antrim

    Sunday 4th August 2013, 03:02PM
  • Hi Michael,

    Do you have a little more info, roughly when your ancestor went to Newfoundland ?

    Ships mane.

    I will have a look anyway in my Newfoundland books to see what I can find.

    Power is a tough one.



    Donal O' C

    Wednesday 14th August 2013, 09:13PM
  • Thank you for your reply. Almost no specific info available. They came to Newfoundland in support of the British fishing industry and many remained or deserted their ship for the return to Ireland. What usually happened was that the Brisish ships from West Country stopped at ports in or near Waterford for supplies and took on young men as crew. My ancestors came around 1800 approximately. Some of the headstones in St. Mary's were from Dungarvon area. Some went back to have children baptized and I believe some went back when they could no longer work. The Irish newspapers of the time covered this annual event of going to the fishery and returning in the fall. Hope someone out there has info.







    Wednesday 14th August 2013, 09:52PM