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William Flynn son of James and Margaret FLYNN

I recently travelled from Australia to Ireland and visited your beautiful church, Sacred Heart. I visited Dunhill as my great grandfather came from that area (Killone).  He was baptised in the parish of Dunhill in 1844 by Fr Walsh and was sponsored by John Walsh and Mary Kerby.  His name was William Flynn and his parents were James and Margaret Flynn.  He became a mariner and eventually ended up in South Australia where our family is from. My main aim in visiting was to find a grave for Margaret and James Flynn, but I did not.  Unfortunately there was no one in the church so I could not seek the assistance of the priest to find any information on the Flynns of that parish.  Can you tell me where the graves might be for people of that parish who died in the mid nineteenth century?  Also does the priest hold the registers and records of marriages and burials of parishioners of that time?  If such records are still extant and held at the church, I may have to make another trip back to Ireland to view them and makes some notes.  But especially, I am keen to find the family graves if they exist so that I can visit them.  I would be grateful for any information you can provide on my quest.


Thursday 9th February 2012, 09:01PM

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  • Hi there,

    Thank you very much for your query. I'm sorry to hear that you did not get a chance to visit the grave you were looking for. If you are looking for marriage, birth and death records for the mid 19th century, you should be in luck. Most of these records are held by the General Register Office (GRO). If you are looking for burial locations, i would suggest you write to the parish priest of the area, who should be able to assist you. Of course, the local community on the IRO website might be able to give these details also. If the GRO does not have the records you are looking for, try writing to the parish priest who should be able to help you.

    In the meantime, keep checking the IRO website. Someone from the community should be able to help you out in time.

    Kind regards,

    Sinead Cooney

    Friday 17th February 2012, 02:52PM
  • Hello Sinead,

    thank you for replying to my post.  I have written to the parish secretary in Dunhill but did not receive a reply of any sort.  My best hope is that they become aware of this Ireland Reaching Out Project and get involved.

    With respect to the GRO are their records accessible to me here in Australia over the internet or do I need to actually visit their Offices to access their records do you know?


    Kind regards


    Rob Flynn


    Monday 9th April 2012, 10:35PM
  • Hi Rob, 

    I stumbled across your post here and I live in the area:  the parish has a very good website now that is always being added to:   If you register with them they have a list of the graveyards in both Dunhill and Fenor (neighbouring village), but part of the same parish.  The current church on this site was built in 1884 but there was buildings there before.  I did out of curiousity look at the list of the medieval parish church of Dunhill but there were no Flynns there.  

    I don't know what type of records you already have and what detail they give, but it might be worth looking at Fenor village graveyard too (on the same website) as there are a lot of Flynns there and it is a common name in the village.  One of the more noted Flynns in Fenor reclaimed bogland which is now the GAA field.  

    Hope this helps a bit. 

    Kind regards, 



    Tuesday 5th February 2013, 04:44PM
  • Hi Emily,

    After a long time I registered so that I can access Dunhill Parish community and came across your comment. I'm sorry it has taken me this long to respond. You were very kind to go to the trouble to assist me. Thank you. You are certainly on the money with your suggestion about Fenor as I have now got a little more information about my great grandfather William FLYNN that shows he was born in Tramore, Co Waterford on 20 December 1842, and baptised a year later on 21 January 1844 in the Parish of Dunhill. As his father James FLYNN farmed a small 2 acre parcel of land along the road between Annestown and Fenor, it seems most likely that Dunhill parish baptism was in the church at Fenor, which I found when I was there last year was only a mile or two along the road. I would love to have been able to check the parish register but was unable to get hold of the parish priest. So I will follow up your suggestion and try and get contact with him or the parish secretary through the parish website. Just to finish the story for you, William FLYNN joined the British navy on 5 May 1859. He deserted a few years later and made his way to Australia, where we descendents now live.

    Kind regards


    Rob Flynn


    Tuesday 22nd December 2015, 06:53AM