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Currabaha West

my husband's gr grandfather, JOHN GOUGH's baptismal record says parish is Stradbally; address Carabaha.   do you think that should have said Currabaha West?

is there someone who regulary searches the parish records in Stradbally?  i have had no response from fr. condon at HolyCross.  i am looking for the children of Edward and Mary Gough, who were married in Ballylaneen on Sept 8, 1828.





Sunday 3rd November 2013, 02:21AM

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  • Hi Patsy,

    I searched baptisms/births on for the children of Edward and Mary Gough years 1838 + - 10 years in Waterford and got 3 results: Thomas 1830 Michael 1840 & Patrick 1842.

    It is possible to check the parish and it was Stradbally RC for all 3.

    When I extended the search to + - 20 years I got 3 more: John 1849 Edward 1851 & another Thomas 1856

    There is also a record of the marriage of Edward & Mary in 1828 in Waterford. If you purchase this it will give you Mary's last name and you or I could then search for the children to see which belong to them.




    Sunday 3rd November 2013, 03:39AM
  • oh, thank you, col.  i have seen all these indexed but could not find the evidence that they were edward and mary's sons.  it is curious about the second thomas.  perhaps there oldest thomas had died?

    i have copies of the marriage record and john's baptism from  i will go and find the others today.

    mary's maiden name was O'DONNELL.

    now, my task is to find a connection to GOUGHs currently living in the area.  i have been trying to make contact w/thomas gough in An Rinn....married to anne mooney of Mooney's Pub.  will do my best to get a response.

    yes, it would be great to meet in Whelan's, wouldn't it?

    thanks again.




    Sunday 3rd November 2013, 12:05PM
  • mary's maiden name is DONNELL


    Sunday 3rd November 2013, 12:12PM
  • Hi Patrsy,

    I searched for baptisms/births for Gough with father Edward Gough and mother Mary Donnell and only got Thomas 1830!!

    So much for that idea!



    Sunday 3rd November 2013, 07:52PM
  • col,

    the birth records for Thomas Gough b. 1830 give Mary's surname as O'Donnell.

    Patrick b. 1842 give it as Daniel.  Michael b. 1840 give it as Daniel.

    i honestly think these are mispellings of DONNELL as shown on the marriage certificate o 1828.

    i have seen the microfilms in the National Archives and can see why the transcribers make the spelling errors they do.

    i have also seen the correct spelling of Currabaha on some Gough records and now realize that the spelling of "Carabaha" on John's baptismal record is also a mispelling.

    at this point, i am going to claim Thomas b. 1830, Michael b. 1840 and Patrick b. 1842 as John's (b. 1849) brothers.

    is there anyone living in or very near Stradbally who searches the parish records at Church of the Exhaltation of the Holy Cross or the Faha Church in Kilmacthomas?

    thanks, all.




    Monday 4th November 2013, 06:33PM
  • I see you've posted to the Stradbally parish site, Pat.

    I wonder if the phone assistance on Family Search would be able to help?



    Monday 4th November 2013, 07:32PM
  • Hello Patsy , I'am from Argentina and tracking back my 2GG father that lived in Carrigcastle , Ballylaneen.

    I saw your post about yours ancestor's marriage at Ballylaneen ,  do you positive know that ceremony was in St.Anne's chuch Ballylaneen ? I'm asking this because I'was told that Stradbally IFHF records don't specify the proper church but the RC parish which comprises the different chapels...

    I would appreciate if you share your info about this ,

    Thanks in advance ,



    Tuesday 26th November 2013, 02:20PM