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Family tradition states that my great grandfather Thomas BUDD came to the himself about 1867. Family tradition also states that he was from Waterford.(I have traced him 1870 on in San Francisco and Oakland, California.)  I contacted the Waterford Heritage Survey years ago and they send me his baptismal information and that of his siblings. The parents names were Thomas BUDD and Mary SHEA. Their children were: Thomas (1852); Edward (1854); Catherine (1856); James (1859); Ellen (1861); and Ann (1863). Parents married 1 Sep 1850. All events took place in Holy Trinity (without) or Ballybricken, according to information sent to me. I'm certain this is the right family as Thomas carried forward almost all the names of his siblings to his children and all the dates fit. My question: I cannot find anything else on this family other than they were living in this area in the 1850's. Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance, Cindy Barnhart, Texas.

Cindy B

Sunday 24th Jun 2012, 08:33PM

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  • Have you checked Griffiths Valuation: ?

    There is one Budd listed in Waterford at Trinity (Without): James Budd--the same name as the fourth son.

    Here's an image of the record:

    I'll let others chime on on researching records in Waterford.

    Steve O'Connor

    Duagh Kerry

    Sunday 24th Jun 2012, 09:01PM
  • Hi Steve,

    I did check Griffiths on and  have James Budd in Waterford Trinity (Without) as you show.  A Thomas Budds  is only  in Kilkenny in 1849 and 1850. The only other Thomas Budd I found was where he signed the William Smith O'Brien Petition in 1848 (in Waterford). I'm now wondering if the family was only in Waterford for just a short time and then went where? I have no idea.Thanks for your help--Cindy

    Cindy B

    Sunday 24th Jun 2012, 10:03PM
  • Hi Cindy,

    The Budd and Budds families spread out from Dublin through Laois, Kilkenny and into Waterford and surrounding parts. There were Budd branches in Waterford for many years but a lot left during the famine.

    Try to try finding your Budd branch. I can't match the details you gave with anything I have found so far, but there may be more on for you now they have added more records for Cork.



    Saturday 19th Jan 2013, 03:46AM
  • Thank you Rosemary for the information. I think I have been concentrating too much in the Waterford area. I will branch out--appreciate the help, Cindy B

    Cindy B

    Saturday 19th Jan 2013, 04:35PM
  • Hi Cindy,


    My name is Sarah I live in Cheshire, England, I came across your email in a random internet search for information relating to Thomas Budds and Mary Shea. Thomas and Mary and my 3rd great grandfather/mother. I use and have a public tree called "henshall family tree" as this is my maiden name. I think you can access it even if you are not a member, but if not send me an email and i can add you to the people who can view it. There is a lot of information relating to the Budds that came to England, my grandfather's mother was Kathleen Budds who married an Archer.


    I would very much like to fill in the gaps of the children who are your ancestor's that would be great.

    Hope you get this email ok

    Kind Regards,



    Sandbach, Cheshire, England


    Thursday 1st Aug 2013, 01:45PM
  • Hi Sarah,

    I just now saw this comment. In the past I thought I rec'd notification through my email but did not with your comment.  Anyway, so Thomas Budd and Mary Shea are my 2 x great grandparents. I have been unable to find your tree on Ancestry. Can you tell me the name? Is it public? I am very interested in seeing it. I would be glad to exchange information with you!
    Thank you and sorry about the delay in response.


    Lake Kiowa, Texas, U.S.A.

    Cindy B

    Saturday 31st Aug 2013, 10:57PM
  • Hi Cindy and Sarah,
    I think they are 2 different families.
    Cindy's Thomas Budd was born in 1852 to Mary Shea.

    Thomas Budds who went to Croydon married Ellen (sometimes written Helen) - I dont have her last name. They are together in several census' in England. As Thomas died in 1933 aged 84 per FreeBMD, I assume he was born around 1851, so he could not be the same one born to Mary Shea.

    I have also found a book on google where Thos Budds was a member of the Young Mens Christian assoc and lived in Parsonstown in 1868 when he was 17 years old. He got 2nd in Arithmetic and 3rd in bookkeeping. The book is searchable and is called "Journal of the Society of Arts" the entry is on page 536, June 12 1868. As the Thos Budds in England was an Inland Revenue Officer, math skills would have been handy.

    A Thomas Budds went to England where he was when his brother Ben arrived in America in 1923. I know this because Benjamin Budds went through Ellis Island Oct 1st 1923, and these records say he had a relative in England who was T. Budds living at: 55 Buckland Ave, Thornton Heath, West Croydon.ENGLAND

    So if the Thomas Budds in Croydon, who was married to Ellen, lived at this same address, then he is definitely the brother of the Benjamin who went to America.

    This Benjamin Budds was born c1854 in Kings County, and was the Workhouse Master at Birr in Kings County. The family is on the Irish 1901 census.

    I am not positive on their parents, but I have found a William Budds(1844-1926) was born in Cadamstown, Kings Co, he came to Australia. His marriage details (on familysearch) say he was was the son of Richard Budds and Mary Ann Osborne. I have found deaths for a Richard and Mary Budds in Parsonstown, Kings - these would match the right age for William's parents.

    So I think they may all be brothers - Thomas, Benjamin and William.

    Sarah, I dont know if you have any records that can help with who Thomas Budds of Croydon parents were,perhaps they are not not related to the William in Aust, but it is such a close fit. At least though you now have a brother for Thomas in Benjamin, assuming Thomas was the one in Buckland Ave.

    Rosemary :)


    Sunday 1st Sep 2013, 04:48AM
  • Hi Rosemary,

    I realized too last night that they were two different families when I finally found Sarah's tree on Ancestry. This is a lot of information for her! I posted another message on my Budd family. I believe that Elizabeth Budd (think this is Thomas' aunt) bap 1821 and married Bartholomew Whelan 22 Feb 1843. I thought their daughter Ellen married John Power but in looking back at my notes, I just realized that she couldn't  have married him as she was just 11 years old in 1860! Her bap is 1849.

    As far as I know my great grandfather Thomas (1852) was the only one of his family to come to the U.S. I haven't found anyone else to date.  Thanks for any help!


    Cindy B

    Sunday 1st Sep 2013, 01:08PM
  • Hi Cindy,

    I am sorry I could not have been of more help for your query. I am always looking at Budd / Budds people so I will let you know if I find something more solid for you.

    I assume you have found the records for the "Budd" (no 's') families of Cork of Tobias / Edward / William / James etc. I think you are probably related to them, we just have not found the link yet.

    Look at the Registry of Deeds page at the following link and you will see there was quite a large family.




    Monday 2nd Sep 2013, 01:31AM
  • There was a Budd family in Dunkitt in the late 1700s/1800s. Some have been buried there. Maria Jane wife of Benjamin Budd of the city of Waterford died Aug 19th 1822 age 21 years.

    Also there is a Mary Ann Budd wife of Tobias Budd of Dunkitt died Oct 6 1817 age 35 years. This family would have been prodestant. There are also records relating to birth and marriages of the Budd family. Names like Tobias and Thomas are there.

    Dunkitt is in County Kilkenny - a few miles north of Waterford. 


    Wednesday 27th Feb 2019, 11:37PM
  • Hi Perri,

    Sorry it took me awhile to respond. I have been at a conference. Thank you so much for sending this info. I wil check it out. Since my initial posting I have found quite a bit of information on my Budd family. The earliest ancestor I have is Thomas Budd (my great grandfather's grandfather) born sometime in the late 1700's. He became a Catholic the same day he married Ellen Knox in 1816 in Waterford City. I have not found where he was born. The information that you sent sounds like a promising lead. Thank you again,


    Cindy B

    Tuesday 5th Mar 2019, 01:29PM

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