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Hello everyone:


The youngest brother of my great granfather, James Higgins, was born on 3rd od December of 1865, in Ballymore, Meath,Westmeath

His godparents were his olders siblings Edward and Bridget Higgins ( Edward is my Great Granfather)


At the bottom of the church record, says that James married on 7th of Feb of 1909, to Bridget McGrath, but I couldn't find the record ( civil or church) of their marriage, to keep searching on that line

Will you help me with that?


Thanks in advance



Diana O'Higgins

Tuesday 20th Jun 2023, 11:07PM

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  • Diana,

    I found this marriage record at

    Date of Marriage:   09-Feb-1909                        

    RC Parish of  BALLYMORE, Co. Westmeath

    Name:           James            Higgins                      Brigid McGrath

    Address:        Cloncullen                 Collierstown

    Both Catholic

    Husband's Father               Wife's Father

    James Higgins                       Myles McGrath

    Husband's Mother             Wife's Mother

    Mary A Farrell                      Brigid Duff


    Witness 1                  Witness 2

    Gerald Daly               Lizzie  Halford

    Priest Fr C Casey

    Witness 1 Address Ballymahon

    Witness 2 Address Ballinacargy

    A Dispensation In The Impediment Of Spiritual Affinity Was Obtained As

    Recorded In The Register. [This could mean that one was the other's godparent.]

    © 2023 Copyright Dún Na Sí Heritage Centre (Westmeath)           



    Wednesday 21st Jun 2023, 01:06AM
  • Patricia, thank you so so so much! Brilliant!


    Best regards,



    Diana O'Higgins

    Wednesday 21st Jun 2023, 05:18AM
  • Hi Diana


    I worked in Ballymahon years ago and there was a Higgins family living in Cloncullen, Ballymahon, They were farmers and the son Seamus worked in the Cattle Mart in Ballymahon he would be in his seventies now,

    Quain, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 24th Jun 2023, 12:50PM
  • You're very welcome, Diana. Glad it was helpful.


    Saturday 24th Jun 2023, 09:06PM
  • Attached Files

    Hello Quain, nice to meet you! I think those Higgins are related or are indeed my ancestors, I've found a couple of years ago, were my James Higgins ( my great great granfather) lived, on Griffith's Valuation records, I will add a screenshot of what I find

    And recently, I contact a 3rd cousin trough DNA, who is from Ballymahon, and work at Mullingar,he says that the farm is still in the family, I'll hope he send me a photo of that farm, It would be so lovely to see were my family came from . My cousin´s name is Brendan Higgins 

    Diana O'Higgins

    Saturday 24th Jun 2023, 10:01PM
  • Hi Diana

    That is perhaps a son or even a grandson of Seamus the man that I knew, the farm was in Cloncullen in the old Civil Parish of Fogney in the RC system I would say Ballymahon or at an outside chance Ballymore. A third cousin in near in the overall context of things when you think of when your people emigrated. Of course when you think of it James = Seamus in the Irish context so it is possibly a family name and I have an idea that his father was Ned Higgins ( Edward).


    George Quain.

    Quain, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 26th Jun 2023, 07:45AM
  • Hello George!


    well, my great great great grandfather was Edward Higgins, father of James Higgins, born in 1829, in Granard, but he ( James) moved to Ballymahon and Ballymore, is the father of Edward Higgins, born in 1853 ( my great granfather, the eldest son) who emigrated to Argentina with a sister... so de names James and Edward, are common in my family, on this side of the Atlantic Ocean hahah


    Edward Higgins  married to Catherine Brady, I´ve never find a record of their marriage nor siblings of james.. I keep searching, anyway



    Diana O'Higgins

    Monday 26th Jun 2023, 09:33PM
  • Hi Diana


    I would be very surprised if this is not the correct family they are the only Higgins family in the area which is half way between Ballymahon and Ballymore. Ballymahon in in Co. Longford but only just whereas Ballymore in in Co. Westmeath. Cloncullen is the townland and is very rural. 

    How are things in Argentina I must say I was fascinated to read a story a few years ago to read a story where several people from Westmeath went out to Argentina in the 1800's to work in the meat business just wondering was he one of those. 

    How are your family getting on in Argentina I am told there is a problem with inflation which has been going on for years. What part of the country do you live in.




    Quain, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 26th Jun 2023, 11:16PM
  • hi! Well, my 4 great grandparents from my late dad's side, came from Ireland, Longford and Westmeath
    Edward Higgins, born 1853 in Ballymore, married to Elizabeth Barrett, born in 1857 in Toberclare, in 1876 in Mercedes, Prov of Buenos Aires. They had, at least, 14 children. They used to have a farm. Dies with a year of each other in 1930/21

    Patrick Farrell/O'Farrell, born in 1843, inArdagh and Moydow, married to Elisa Brennan, born in Multyfarnham in 1854
    They married here in Buenos Aires city, in 1878. patrick had , as a read on some articles, a ver good hand to raise sheeps.
    They end settling in Los Toldos, Prov of Buenos Aires, very far to the west, Elisa died in 1908, and Patrick in 1922. They had 16 children.

    The irish here became a hard working people, and they adapted very well without losing their culture . I don´t know if you are aware, but we are the 5th bigest irish colony, and the only one who speaks spanish

    i love my country, but politics and economy always were a disaster. We are just waiting and hoping to the best, this is an election year.We are hunging on. 40% of the population are in poverty.. it is a very sad situation. A few years ago, I was wondering if I could be elegible to an irish Passport, but no, because my great, now I'm trying to do a 2nd nationality, trough my granmother on my mom´s side, who were from galicia, Spain. Somehow I need to give to my son (24) the opportunity of emigreat, if he wants to try a better life in another country. That is how things are here hahaha. But the dark humour and sarcasm, makes me strong, even trough this difficult times

    Diana O'Higgins

    Tuesday 27th Jun 2023, 04:07AM
  • Hi Diana 


    So many Longford and Westmeath connections all those names like Multyfarnham and Tobberclare take me back years as I worked in Ballymahon from 1968-1973 and knew every inch of that country.

    Quain, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 19th Jul 2023, 09:55PM
  • That is wonderful, I hope one day I will be able to visit and kiss that soil... in the meantime, I see it trough videos , maps, music. and researching as far as records let me.


    Attached to this message,it´s an old photo of my granparents, and all their sons and daughters. In the center: Catalina ( Catherine) O'Farrell ( parents Patrick O'Farrell and Eliza Brennan) and Patricio ( Patrick) Higgins ( parent: Edward Higgins and Elisa Barrett)



    Diana O'Higgins

    Thursday 20th Jul 2023, 12:55AM

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