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Hi all! I'm looking for info on Malone and McHugh ancestors from Cootehill in Cavan, and I found a number of folks in Milltown history who seem like they may be who I'm looking for. I have a Daniel Malone and Catherine McCue / McHugh / McKeough pop up in Cavan having children in the 1830's & 40's, and later emigrate to the States. I'd been unable to find a record of their births there though, but then stumbled across a Daniel Malone born in Milltown in 1802. With a little looking, I found a Catherine McHugh born in 1796 in that same town. Their child Patrick had a birth witnessed by a Frank McKeough, so I looked for him next and discovered that the Catherine of Milltown had a brother Francis McHugh born in Dec 1802. It looks like there is an Owen Malone of around the same age in this town as well, and that name shows up witnessing baptism some years later as well. Same with a Biddy McLoughlin who witnessed their child Patrick's birth. A little looking and I found a Bridget McLoughlin of the same age, also in Milltown. 

So I guess my questons beyond just wondering if anyone has any insight are:

1. Is it likely that people in Westmeath would up and move to Cavan during this period in time?

2. Does anyone else have any of these people in their ancestry?

3. Are these names so common as to make it likely conincidence that the names and dates fit, or could these be my people?

4. What are good next steps I could take to find out more?

I appreciate any help, and am happy to connect with my Irish ancestry! 


Tuesday 30th Oct 2018, 05:04PM

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  • triptakespeople:

    I'll try to answer your questions as best as I can! 

    1: Many people back then tended to stay put- marrying others in their local communities,extended family staying in the same area, etc. While it wasn't common for them to move from one rural area to another, there are exceptions, one of ancestors went the whole way from Roscommon to Wicklow for some reason, lived there for many years, then moved back again! And i don't know much about the distance between those two counties but I don't think they are that far away. 


    2. If nobody with these common ancestors replies here, you could add these people to the Ireland Xo Chronicles here so somebody with more info might spot them some time. 


    3. In my experience, McHugh tends to be a common enough surname while Malone is more rare. You have pieced the information about the family together very well and it seems like what you have so far is correct. I would say that you have the right family.


    4. You have done some excellent research so far. I agree it is a good idea to take a look at godparents as they can help break down so many brick walls. From my experience, witnesses to marraiges tend to usually be first cousins while godparents were usually siblings or in laws. A great website for parish registers is It is a subscription site but well worth the fee and can bring up a lot of useful info. 

    Also it would be worth taking a look at land records of the time, eg Tithe Applotment Books and Griffiths Valuation, to see if there is any mention of Daniel. The Flaxgrower's List of 1796 might have Malones or McHughs listed who could be Daniel or Catherine's fathers. All these are available to search online.


    Hope some of this helps and best of luck!



    Thursday 1st Nov 2018, 06:50PM

    I have a Thomas Malone who was born Abt 1799 in Ireland and died in Edinburgh, Scotland on 8 Dec 1870 and he was married to a Catherine Cassidy. His first wife was Bridget McHugh and they had a son William who married Anne Coyne Abt 1850 in Edinburgh, William who was born on 24 Jun 1822 in Cootehill, Co Roscommon and died on 24 Aug 1922 in Bulahdelah, NSW, Australia. If this family is in anyway related to you and I can be of anymore help, please contact me at:

    John McDonald, Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada








    Sunday 3rd Mar 2019, 11:52PM

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