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John and Catherine Lynch (nee Fox), both born in the late 1700's. 

John Lynch and Catherine Fox were married on Friday 24 November 1809, in the Parish of Old Castle, in County Meath.  Their witnesses were John Ferrall and George Leonard.  At the time, Rev George McDermott was the Parish Priest.  He was Parish Priest, from 10 February 1807, until his death on the 7 January 1832.  

In the Tithe Applotment Books in 1828, John Lynch resides in the townland of Toney Owen, County Westmeath, sharing a holding with with John Gibney, Widow McCormick, Condy Lynch and Owen Gilliam.

In the 1854 Griffiths Valuation John Lynch leased a house and garden, from James McCullagh, at Tonyowen Upper, in the Parish of Foyran, County Westmeath.  The only other property at Tonyowen Upper, in the Griffiths Valuation, was one of 100 acres leased by James McCullagh, from the Duke of Buckingham.  This property consisted of a house, a herd's house and land.  We assume John Lynch, and perhaps other family members, worked on James McCullagh's property.  We know that the two sons of John and Catherine Lynch (nee Fox), who ended up residing in Australia, Thomas (1812-1873) and Owen (1829-1891), worked on, and eventually owned sheep properties on the Monaro, in the state of New South Wales.

John and Catherine (nee Fox) Lynch's children included:

- Thomas Lynch (1812-1873) baptised 13 December 1812, at St Micheal's Church, Castlepollard, Westmeath, Ireland, died in Australia;

- Michael Lynch (1815-?) baptised 31 January 1815, at St Michael's, Castlepollard, Ireland, moved to the USA (possibly in the Blackstone/Worcester area of Massachusetts) where others from the Parish of Foyran also settled during the mid 1800's;

- Bridget Lynch (1817-?) baptised 7 June 1817, St Michael's Church, Castlepollard, Westmeath, Ireland;

- Judith Lynch (1819-?) baptised 22 November 1819, St Michael's Church, Castlepollard, Westmeath, Ireland;

- John Lynch (1822-?);

- Margaret Lynch (1825-?) baptised 25 December 1825, St Michael's Church, Castlepollard, Westmeath, Ireland;

- Owen Sylvester Lynch (1829-1891) born in Ireland, died in Australia;

- Catherine Lynch (1830-?) baptised 7 February 1830, Castlepollard, Ireland; and

- Ellen Lynch (?) who possibly stayed in Ireland and cared for her parents (?).

Thomas Lynch arrived, as a convict in Sydney, Australia, on board the "Waterloo" in 1836.  In 1836, at the age of 22 years, he was convicted of, "Demanding a gun, with intent to steal."  Further research leads us to believe he was involved with a whiteboys-like movement.  

Twenty years later, his brother Owen Lynch arrived, as an Assisted Immigrant, in Sydney, Australia. He travelled on board the "Commodore Perry" in 1856.  In Owen's records as an Assisted Immigrant, he lists his parents as John Lynch and Catherine Fox, who in 1856 were still  living in the Parish of Foyran, Westmeath, Ireland.    

In Australia, Owen Lynch married Catherine McMahon, 1840-1908 (whose Irish parents were James and Mary McMahon {nee Dannaher}, and whose maternal grandfather is believed to have been William Dannaher, from the Townland of Sallybank, in the Parish of Kilseily, County Clare).  James and Mary McMahon, Catherine Lynch's parents, were both from County Clare. 

We are uncertain as to where or when John and Catherine (nee Fox) Lynch died.  However, we do know, from the Cancelled Books for Tonyowen Upper, that the house John Lynch was leasing, from James McCullagh, in the Griffiths Valuation, was in 1865 recorded as, "Ho {house} down".  This would suggest that nobody took over the Lynch holding after John Lynch's death and that John Lynch died between 1859 and 1865.

Unfortunately, none of Thomas Lynch's children had children of their own, so there are no descendants of this branch of the family.  However, today many hundreds of descendants of Owen and Catherine Lynch (McMahon) live in Australia and New Zealand.


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  • Have just answered you earlier query!

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    Clare Doyle

    Monday 11th July 2016, 02:10PM
  • Hi - I am a descendant of Edward Maher who shared the other 100 acres at Toney Owen Upper  with a man called Owen M'Enroe. I'd be interested to know any more that you can share about your ancestor's involvement with the White Boy movement because Edward Maher was also involved in Agrarian violence which resulted in the murder of Owen M'Enroe at the hands of two of Edward's sons (William and Patrick) and his daughter Ellen (my great x3 grandmother). 

    They were all the tenants of the Duke of Buckingham. Apparently his land agent was a pretty harsh man and often dispossessed Cartholic tenants in preference of Protestants. There had been a famine a few years previously and the Parish Priest - Father Burke had written and subsequently gone to England to personally appeal to the Duke of Buckingham on behalf of his parishoners (who would have included our forebears) to ask him not to charge rents because they were starving and reduced to eating grass and cabbage to survive. The land agent denied this and insisted that the tenants were well able to pay the rents. 

    Edward Maher and Owen M'Enroe apparently had multiple arguments about "the mearings" (markings) on the land they shared and it ended when they were included in a number of dispossessions by the agent - the report says about eight families and another called Kearney. I wonder if the Lynch family was similarly dispossed at the same time. This was early 1834. The land agent told M'Enroe he could stay in possession of the land if he took over Maher's half which effectively was like signing his death warrant as the Captain Rock movement promised violence to anyone who took over the land that others had been removed from. 

    There is a newspaper report of M'Enroe receiving a threatening "Captain Rock" Rockite notice in February 1834. The Maher family moved to Tubbritt in County Meath - which is where M'Enroe was murdered by them a short time later. When I was looking at the Griffiths Valuation -  I noticed a Catherine Lynch living at Tubbrid (County Meath, Parish of Fore, Union of Oldcastle, Parish Killeagh, Townland Tubbrid - she was renting from a Patrick Murray - so perhaps the Lynch family also moved to Tubbrid along with the Mahers and others. 

    Thought this might be of interest to you given the Mahers and the Lynch family were neighbours. The two brothers were hanged but Ellen's death sentence was commuted to transportation for life. She arrived in Sydney on the Roslin Castle in early 1836 and married Hugh Tunn(ey). It would be interesting to know whether she ever encountered your Lynch family in NSW - she lived around the Tumut area for most of her life.

    Kind regards 



    Tuesday 25th July 2017, 05:22AM