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Situated in the centre of the island of Ireland, Athlone is a unique and historic town that has much to offer. With the longest river in Ireland, the Shannon, running through the town, watersports and water activities play a huge part of leisure and tourism in the Midlands town.


While tourism plays a huge part of industry and employment in the area, the convenient location of the town means that it is a wonderful business location for conferencing and large scale business events being so accessible to the whole island of Ireland.

A town being situated so inland, it is therefore unusual for the river to form such a huge part of the town’s identity but that it does and it’s not strange to understand why when you see the majestic Shannon’s route through the country. Many lakes and inlets form part of the Shannon journey and sailing and boating enthusiasts flock to the area to enjoy its fruits in terms of abundant fishing stocks and stunning scenery.

Historically, Shannon also has a lot to offer and an amazing restoration job has been done to the Athlone Castle which makes an imposing presence in the town and is one of its main tourist attractions that the town has to offer.

To find out more about the many attractions that Athlone has to offer, check out the interactive storymap below, which was created by the team at the Sheraton Athlone Hotel.

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