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I am seeking information on the Howlin family of Courtnacuddy, Wexford Parish, Wexford, Ireland. I did see there was another post about this family dated from 2017 to which I have posted a reply, but I wanted to start a new post in case additional information may be available. 

The easiest way to show what I am looking for is to show my lineage:

My grandmother was Dorothy Howlin

Dorothy was the daughter of Michael J. Howlin (born 1873 in New York) and Melina Hueston (born 1872 in New York).

Michael J Howlin (born 1873 in New York) was the son of James Howlin (born Nov 1848 Courtnacuddy, Wexford Parish, Wexford, Ireland) and Eliza Doyle (born 1844 Wexford, Ireland)

James Howlin (born Nov 1848 Courtnacuddy, Wexford Parish, Wexford, Ireland) was the son of what appears to be another James Howlin (possibly born 1775 Wexford, Ireland - limited info) and possibly married to a Bridget Lacy (born roughly 1775 - limited info). 

I have very limited info on the Howlin family. My grandmothers maiden name being Howlin would lead one to believe that some form of knowledge would have been passed on about the family, but alas, nothing at all. I know nothing of the Howlins. 

What was their profession? Were they wealthy? Poor? Farmers? etc... One thing that is interesting to me is the Howlin last name. It appears unique, is there any info on the surname and its origins?

Any information would be appreciated as well as any insight into the accuracy of the wives. My info is limited here in the states.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Thursday 1st April 2021, 12:53AM