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The mother (Eleanor Rounds) of my gggrandfather (Decourcey Rounds Evans) passed away in 1841 at age 29. Buried in Delgany? DeCourcey and his siblings went to live with their grandparents (James Thomas & Elizabeth (Boyle) Evans) until about 1851.Their father James went to find work. I’m interested in the location of the Evans old home which consisted of a Masters house and cottage in the area of east Priory,Delgany. Thank you to anyone that can help me. I had a wonderful visit in June but did not have enough time for all my exploring. Sure hope to be better prepared next time!  Ann

Ann from Arizona

Wednesday 10th Jan 2024, 07:58PM

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  • H,   When you open this link......its a map.  the top box outlined in red...........zoom in and you will see Delgany on the right.  Where you see the "N" in Delgany this is area   22 a and 22 b    
    Modern and Contemporary Maps (

    going by this link it shows the place names you mentioned.

    Griffith's Valuation (

    This link.................. look for number 24     James Evans      the amount of land etc.    Look further down and there is a John and a Henry Evans.  are these related?  
    Griffith's Valuation Viewer (



    Thursday 11th Jan 2024, 08:42AM
  • Thank you for your help Margot. The old map is helpful but I can only open one of the links.I will put more time into the Griffith valuations. Think I better do a tutorial again. 

    Ann from Arizona

    Thursday 11th Jan 2024, 03:27PM
  • Hi Ann,

    I am a volunteer based in Wicklow, not close to Delgany but if up near that way soon will have a look . Searching for you now. Have posted an enquiry about the location of the Evans house in a Delgany Facebook forum- someone might know ! 

    Also you are probably aware of connected with the ancestry tree for Elenor Rounds ? 

    I couldn't find any grave memorial for Eleanor in Delgany...will keep looking. 

    On the ancestry tree it states her death and burial is in Delgany , probably the old graveyard. 

    I will keep you posted. 


    The Griffiths valuation is a great tool to find the location but there are a few Evans in Delgany on the list ?

    Evans families in Wicklow in this Church of Ireland document





    Andrusha IRELAND XO Volunteer

    Saturday 13th Jan 2024, 02:04PM
  • Thank you Andrea. I did find a lot of Evans on that site. Many of them are mine! While I was there I was able to visit the old cemetery. Heard a very interesting story about graves and headstones being moved to make way for the new road. Maybe Eleanor’s got moved or she never had one back in 1841. I’m interested in the home of James and Elizabeth Evans because that was where my gggrandfather stayed until he came to America in1851. Thanks for helping me. 

    Ann from Arizona

    Sunday 14th Jan 2024, 04:31AM
  • Andrusha IRELAND XO Volunteer

    Monday 15th Jan 2024, 07:57AM

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